American Football in the Czech Republic
Czech Associaton of American Football (CAAF)
Czech Association of American Football (CAAF) logo.
Czech League of American Football (CLAF)

CAAF- 1st Division (CLAF)
Czech Bowl
Czech Bowl I  1994  Prague Panthers (W 145-9) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl II  1995  Prague Panthers (W 52-22) Prafue Lions
Czech Bowl III  1996  Prague Panthers (W 48-30) Ostrava Steelers
Czech Bowl IV  1997  Ostrava Steelers (W 30-12) Prague Panthers
Czech Bowl V  1998  Prague Lions (W 29-8) Prague Panthers
Czech Bowl VI  1999  Prague Panthers (W 38-0) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl VII  2000  Prague Panthers (W 15-3) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl VIII  2001  Prague Panthers (W 36-13) Brno Alligators
Czech Bowl IX  2002  Prague Panthers (W 52-14) Brno Alligators
Czech Bowl X  2003  Prague Panthers (W 23-14) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl XI  2004  Prague Lions (W 13-3) Prague Panthers , (Jul. 20)
Czech Bowl XII  2005  Prague Lions (W 24-9) Prague Panthers , (Aug. 11)
Czech Bowl XIII  2006  Prague Lions (W 38-21) Bratislava Monarchs , (Nov. 1)
Czech Bowl XIV  2007  Prague Panthers (W 28-13) Prague Lions , (Jul. 24)
Czech Bowl XV  2008  Prague Panthers (W 24-14) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl XVI  2009  Prague Panthers (W 24-14) Prague Lions
Czech Bowl XVII  2010  Prague Panthers (W 74-0) Prague Black Hawks
Czech Bowl XVIII  2011  Prague Black Hawks (W 32-31) Prague Panthers , (Jul. 15)
Czech Bowl XIX  2012  Prague Black Hawks (W 35-34) Prague Panthers , (Jul. 29)
Czech Bowl XX  2013  Prague Panthers (W 48-9) Prague Lions , (Jun. 30)
Czech Bowl XXI  2014  Prague Black Panthers (W 40-0) Pribram Bobcats , (Jul. 15)
Czech Bowl XXII  2015  Prague Black Panthers (W 52-13) Pribram Bobcats , (Jul. 20)
Czech Bowl XXIII  2016  Prague Black Panthers (W 10-9) Prague Lions , (Jul. 23)
  Lower Divisions and Junior League are not listed here.
  The two conferences of the CAAF are CLAF-A & CLAF-B.
  There is an independent league, the A7 Series. An entry level 7-man league, it has a post-season game, the Rice Bowl.

Czech Association of American Football, old logo

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