American Football in the Czech Republic
Czech Associaton of American Football (CAAF)
Czech Association of American Football (CAAF) logo.
Czech League of American Football (CLAF)

CAAF- Women's 1st Division (CLAF)
Czech Rose Bowl
Rose Bowl I  2015  Prague Black Cats (W 24-14) Brno Amazons, at Slavia (Nov. 7)
Rose Bowl II  2016  Brno Amazons (W 26-12) Prague Black Cats, at Celakovice (Oct. 30)
Rose Bowl III  2017  Brno Amazons (W 26-24) Prague Black Cats, at Rugby Bystro, Brno (Nov. 11)
Rose Bowl IV  2018  Brno Amazons (W 32-6) Prague Black Cats, at Rugby Bystro, Brno (Nov. 4)
Rose Bowl V  2019  Brno Amazons (W 26-18) Warsaw Sirens, at Rugby Club Bystro, Brno (Nov. 10)
  The Women's Division was organized 2014, began play 2015.

Czech Association of American Football, old logo

To see the Czech Men's football championships, see the Czech Bowl page.

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