EESL Championship
(Eastern European Super League)
[American Football League for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine]
Eastern European Super League logo. 'EESL/Eastern European Super League, EESL and a football insde an 8 pointed star.

EESL Championship
EESL Final 1 2019  Moscow Spartans (Russia) (W 42-16) St. Petersburg Northern Legion (Russia)  at Tsarskoye Selo Stadium, Leningrad  (Jun. 13)
EESL Final 2 2020  Moscow Spartans (Russia) (W 36-6) Perm Steel Tigers (Russia)  at Chayka Staium, Moscow  (Oct. 31)
EESL Final 3 2021  Moscow Spartans (Russia) (W 13-3) Moscow Patriots (Russia)  at Vympel Stadium, Moscow  (Aug. 1)
  For an earlier league for Russia, Belarus & the Ukraine, 2010 to 2016, see the ELAF, the Eastern League of American Football.
  For earlier Russian American Football championsips, 1991 to 2018, go to the UAFR championships.

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