(Eastern League of American Football)
[American Football League for Russia, Belarus, Ukraine]
Eastern League of American Football logo. 'ELAF/Eastern League of American Football, and a tilted red football inside a blue shield..

ELAF Final 2010  Moscow Patriots (Russia) (W 6-0) Minsk Zurbs (Belarus) 
ELAF Bowl I 2012  Moscow Bruins (Russia) (W 30-25) Minsk Litwins (Belarus) 
ELAF Bowl II 2013  Minsk Zurbs (Belarus) (W 62-13) Minsk Litwins (Belarus) 
ELAF Bowl III 2014  Minsk Litwins (Belarus) (W 24-0) Moscow Bruins (Russia) 
ELAF Bowl IV 2015  Minsk Litwins (Belarus) (W 21-0) Moscow Bruins (Russia)  at Minsk (Aug. 29)
ELAF Bowl V 2016  Vitebsk Lynxes (Belarus) (W 20-0) Kaliningrad Amber Hawks (Russia)  at Kaliningrad (Sep. 10)
  For an later league for Russia, Belarus & the Ukraine, 2019 and on, see the EESL, the Eastern European Super League.
  For all Russian American Football championsips, 1991 to 2018, go to the UAFR championships.

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