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EuroBowl I 1986  Taft Vantaa (Finland) (W 16-2) Bologna Doves (Italy), at Amsterdam
no game 1987 No Competition
EuroBowl II 1988  Helsinki Roosters (W 35-14) Amsterdam Crusaders,  at Crystal Palace, London (Aug. 7)
EuroBowl III 1989  Legnano Frogs (Milan) (W 27-23) Amsterdam Crusaders,  at Legnano, Italy
EuroBowl IV 1990  Manchester Spartans (W 34-22) Legnano Frogs,  at Rimini, Italy (Jul. 29)
EuroBowl V 1991  Amsterdam Crusaders (W 21-20) Berlin Adler,  at Offenbach, Germany
EuroBowl VI 1992  Amsterdam Crusaders (W 42-24) Giaguari Turin,  at Uppsala, Sweden (Aug. 21)
EuroBowl VII 1993  London Olympians (W 42-21) Amsterdam Crusaders,  at Heysel Stadium, Brussels  10,000 (Jul. 8)
EuroBowl VIII 1994  London Olympians (W 26-23) Bergamo Lions (Italy),  at Stuttgart
EuroBowl IX 1995  Dusseldorf Panthers (W 21-14) London Olympians,  at Stuttgart (Jul 7)
EuroBowl X 1996  Hamburg Blue Devils (W 21-14) Aix-en-Provence Argonautes,  at Gottlieb-Dalmier Stad., Stuttgart (Jul. 6)
EuroBowl XI 1997  Hamburg Blue Devils (W 35-14) Bologna Phoenix,  at Stuttgart
EuroBowl XII 1998  Hamburg Blue Devils (W 38-19) Flash de la Corneuve,  at Hamburg
EuroBowl XIII 1999  Braunschweig Lions (W 27-23) Hamburg Blue Devils,  at Hamburg
EuroBowl XIV 2000  Bergamo Lions (Italy) (W 42-20) Hamburg Blue Devils,  at Hamburg
EuroBowl XV 2001  Bergamo Lions (W 28-11) Vienna Vikings,  at Vienna  6,000+
EuroBowl XVI 2002  Bergamo Lions (W 27-20) Braunschweig Lions,  at Braunschweig  9,000 (Jul. 6)
EuroBowl XVII 2003  Braunschweig Lions (W 21-14) Chrysler Vienna Vikings,  at Braunschweig (Jul. 5)
EuroBowl XVIII 2004  Chrysler Vienna Vikings (W 53-20) Bergamo Lions,  at Vienna (Jul. 15)
EuroBowl XIX 2005  Chrysler Vienna Vikings (W 29-6) Bergamo Lions,  at Vienna (Jul. 9)
EuroBowl XX 2006  Dodge Vienna Vikings (W 41-9) La Courneuve Flash,  at Vienna (Jul. 22)
EuroBowl XXI 2007  Vienna Vikings (W 70-19) Marburg Mercenaries (Germany),  at Vienna  6,800 (Jul. 2)
EuroBowl XXII 2008  Swarco Tyrolean Raiders (W 28-24) Raiffeisen Vienna Vikings,  at Innsbruck
EuroBowl XXIII 2009  Swarco Raiders (Tirol, Aus.) (W 30-19) Le Flash de La Courneuve (Paris),  at Innsbruck  6,500 (Jul. 8)
EuroBowl XXIV 2010  Berlin Adler (W 34-31) Vienna Vikings,  at Vienna (Jul. 5)
EuroBowl XXV 2011  Swarco Raiders (Tirol, Austria) (W 27-12) Berlin Adler,  at Innsbruck (Jun. 18)
EuroBowl XXVI 2012  Calanda Broncos (W 27-14) Raiffeisen Vikings,  at Vaduz, Liechtenstein (Jul. 21)
EuroBowl XXVII 2013  Vienna Vikings (W 37-14) Swarco Raiders (Tirol, Austria),  at Innsbruck, Austria (Jul. 6)
EuroBowl XXVIII 2014  Berlin Adler (W 20-17) Braunschweig New York Lions,  at Berlin (Jul. 19)
EuroBowl XXIX 2015  New Yorker Lions (W 24-14) Schwäbisch Hall Unicorns,  at Braunschweig (Jun. 20)
EuroBowl XXX 2016  New Yorker Lions (W 35-21) Swarco Raiders Tirol,  at Innsbruck (Jun. 11)
EuroBowl XXXI 2017  New Yorker Lions (W 55-14) Frankfurt Universe,  at Frankfurt (Jun. 10)
EuroBowl XXXII 2018  New Yorker Lions (W 20-19) Frankfurt Universe,  at Frankfurt (Jun. 10)
EuroBowl XXXIII 2019  Potsdam Royals (W 62-12) Amsterdam Crusaders,  at Potsdam (Jun. 8)
   • This is Semi-Pro football. The European Football League (E.F.L.) hosts the EuroBowl. Eight teams are invited from leagues all over Europe. “Imported” players are allowed to play. Preliminary rounds, quarterfinals and semi-finals are not listed above. This competition takes place over a few months. These teams play other games, including league regular season and championships, both before, during and after the EuroBowl game(s) take place.
   • The German Football League International (G.F.L.I.) takes over the running of the Eurobowl from the disbanded E.F.A.F., beginning with the 2014 game, which becomes the BIG6 League championship game.
   • The E.F.L. will have their own championship, the EFL Bowl.
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