Costa Rican Women's American Football
Gran Final
Asociacion Deportiva Mujeras Football Americano
Gridiron Women Football League
Futbol Americano Femenino Costa Rica
Logo for Costa Rican's Gridiron Women Football League (GWDL).҈  Asociacion Deportiva Mujeras Football Americano (ADMFA) logo.

Costa Rican Women's Championship Game
Gran Final
 ADMFA I 2018  Bulldogs Flames FA (W ) Valkiria F.C.  at Estadio Nicolas Masis, Escazu  (12/16) 
 GWFL I 2019  Bulldogs Flames FA (W 22-12) Goddesses F.A.  at Estadio Colleya Fonseca, Guadalupe, San Jose  (11/24) 
  2020  No game due to Covid-19 pandemic 
  2021  No game due to Covid-19 pandemic 
 GWFL II 2022       (10/30) 

American Football Women's Sorts Association (of costa Rica) logo.

Also see the Tico Bowl  (Men's Super Bowl of Costa Rica)

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