Super Bowl of Costa Rica
(Super Tazon CR)
Tico Bowl • Super Tazon Costa Rica • CRFL Bowl
Football Americain in Costa Rica
Logo for Football Americai au Costa Rica, FEFACR on top of a tilted football.҈  Costa Rica Footnall League (CRFL) logo.

Costa Rican Super Bowl
Tico Bowl
 Tico Bowl I 2009  Escazu Toros (W 23-10) San Jose Tiburones  (6/13)
 Tico Bowl II 2010  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 35-33) Escazu Toros  (5/1)
 Tico Bowl III 2011  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 35-17) Escazu Toros  at Rio Oro Stadium, Santa Ana (5/14)
 Tico Bowl IV 2012  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 30-7) Escazu Toros  at Estadio Cuty Monge, Desamparados (4/28)
 Tico Bowl V 2013  Escazu Toros (W 28-7) Santa Ana Bulldogs  (4/27)
 Tico Bowl VI 2014  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 20-8) Escazu Toros  at Estadio Pipilo Umana, Moravia (4/26)
 Tico Bowl VII 2015  Escazu Toros (W 51-7) San José Titans  at San José (3/28)
 Super Tazon CR VIII 2016  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 60-0) Cartiago Leones F.C.  at San José (7/5)
 Super Tazon CR IX 2017  Santa Ana Bulldogs (W 13-7O.T.) Cartiago Dragons  at Rohrmoser Stadium, Pavas, San José (5/20)
 Super Tazon CR X 2018  Escazu Toros (W 27-21) Santa Ana Bulldogs  at Estadio Municipal de Tibas, San Juan (5/13)
 CRFL Bowl I 2019  Leones F.C. (W 37-27) Santa Ana Bulldogs  at Estadio Municipal El Labrador, Coronado (6/2)
  2020  No game due to Covid-19 pandemic 
  2021  No game due to Covid-19 pandemic 
 CRFL Bowl II 2022  Toros San Jose (W 36-6) Leones F.C.  at Centro de Eventos Pedregal (5/22)

Federacion de Football Americano (Costa Rica) log, a shield with a tilted football with FEFA over it.

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