American Football/German Japan Bowl
German Japan Bowl
International Challenge Bowl
American Football Bowl Game between Germany & Japan

German Japan Bowl
German Japan Bowl I  2010  Japan (W 24-14) Germany,  at Esprit Arena, Düsseldorf, Germany  11,000 (Apr. 24)
German Japan Bowl II  2014  Japan (W 38-0) Germany,  at Fujimi Stadium, Kawasaki, Japan  1,889 (Apr. 14)



International Challenge Bowl
International Challenge Bowl I  2012  Obic Seagulls (W 29-17) Dresden Monarchs,  at Glücksgas Stadium, Dresden, Germany   (May 19)
International Challenge Bowl II  2013  Obic Seagulls (W 34-3) Düsseldorf Panthers,  at Paul-Janes Stadium, Düsseldorf, Germany   (May 18)


 • The German Japan Bowl was organized by Düsseldorf Congress, operators of Esprit Arena there and The German Japan Bowl is by agreement between the German American Football Federation (AFVS- American Football Verband Deutschland) and the Japan American Football Association (JAFA).
 • The International Challenge Bowl was a Spring bowl game between a team from the Japan X League and a team from the German G.F.L.

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