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NFL Global Junior Championships
IFAF American Football U-19 World Cup IFAF World Junior Championships

NFL Global Junior Championship
N.F.L. Global Junior Championship
I: 1997  Mexico (W 30-6) Europe,  at New Orleans
II 1998  Mexico (W 13-12) Europe,  at Chula Vista, Cal.
III: 1999  Europe (W 29-8) Mexico,  at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
IV: 2000  Canada (W 7-6) Europe,  at Atlanta, Georgia
V: 2001  U.S.A. (W 21-19) Canada,  at Clearwater, Fla.
VI: 2002  U.S.A. (W 16-14) Canada,  at New Orleans
VII: 2003  U.S.A. (W 28-21O.T.) Canada,  at San Diego, Cal.
VIII: 2004  U.S.A. (W 31-0) Canada,  at Houston, Texas
IX: 2005  Canada (W 38-35) U.S.A.,  at Jacksonville, Fla.
X: 2006  Canada (W 10-0) U.S.A.,  at Pontiac, Michigan
XI: 2007  Canada (W 23-13) U.S.A.,  at Fort Lauderdale, Fla.


IFAF U-19 World Cup Junior Football Championships
(International Federation of American Football)
 at Canton, Ohio
Gold Medal Game:  U.S.A. (W 41-3) Canada   (7/5)
Bronze Medal Game:  Japan (W 42-27) Mexico   (7/4)
 at Burger Stadium, Austin, Texas
Gold Medal Game:  Canada (W 23-17) U.S.A.   (7/7)
Bronze Medal Game:  Japan (W 7-0) Austria   (7/7)
 at Kuwait
Gold Medal Game:  United States (W 40-17) Canada   (7/16)
Bronze Medal Game:  Mexico (W 31-30) Austria   (7/16)
 at Harbin, China
Gold Medal Game:  Canada (W 24-6) United States   (7/10)
Bronze Medal Game:  Mexico (W 24-7) Japan   (7/10)
 at Mexico
Gold Medal Game:  Canada (W 13-7) Mexico   
Bronze Medal Game:  United States (W 61-9) Sweden   (7/10)

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