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International Federation of American Football
World Cup
1999  at Italy
Gold Medal Game:  Japan (W 6-0O.T.) Mexico
Bronze Medal Game:  Sweden (W 38-13) Italy
2003  at Germany
Gold Medal Game:  Japan (W 34-14) Mexico
Bronze Medal Game:  Germany (W 36-7) France
2007  at Japan
Gold Medal Game:  U.S.A. (W 23-202 O.T.s) Japan
Bronze Medal Game:  Germany (W 7-0) Sweden
2011  at Austria
Gold Medal Game:  U.S.A. (W 50-7) Canada
Bronze Medal Game:  Japan (W 17-14) Mexico
2015  at Canton, Ohio
Gold Medal Game:  U.S.A. (W 59-12) Japan
Bronze Medal Game:  Mexico (W 20-7) France
[Postponed to 2023, then 2025]


Note:   The United States did not participate in 1999 & 2003.
  The 2015 tournament was to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, but the event was canceled and rescheduled for Canton, Ohio.

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