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New York Jets in New Haven, Connecticut

New York Titans in New Haven

Program cover for the New York Titans vs Buffalo Bills football game, Sunday, Aug. 12, 1962 2:00 P.M., Bowen Field, New Haven. Benefit for New Haven Register Fresh Air Fund: American Football League Exhibition game. Price 50 for program.
New York Titans at Bowen Field
  1962  A.F.L. Coach: Sammy Baugh
Aug. 12  L 10-20     Buffalo Bills     9,000 (exhibition game)
New York Jets at the Yale Bowl
Ticket stub. Giants vs. Jets, Aug. 17, 1969 2:00 P.M., Professional Football, New York Giants vs. New York Jets/Yale Bowl/Abbie Booth Memorial Football Gaame.Admission $7.00.
  1969  A.F.L. Coach: Weeb Ewbank
Aug. 17  W 37-14     New York Giants (N.F.L.)     70,874  (interleague exhibition game)
  1970  N.F.L. Coach: Weeb Ewbank
Aug. 23  L 24-28     New York Giants     70,854  (exhibition game)
  1971  N.F.L. Coach: Weeb Ewbank
Aug. 22  W 27-14     New York Giants     70,874  (exhibition game)
  1972  N.F.L. Coach: Weeb Ewbank
Aug. 20  T 31-31     New York Giants     67,945  (exhibition game)
  1973  N.F.L. Coach: Weeb Ewbank
Aug. 19  L 30-45     New York Giants     70,874  (exhibition game)  Mayor's Bowl
  1974  N.F.L. Coach: Charley Winner
Aug. 17  L 13-21  Away   New York Giants     35,431  (exhibition game)
Nov. 10  W 26-20O.T.  Away   New York Giants     67,740
  1975  N.F.L. Coach: Charley Winner
Aug. 24  L 20-21     New York Giants     33,779  (exhibition game)
Sep. 14 canceled     New England Patriots  [Patriots players vote to strike before game.]  (exhibition game)


  Note: The New England Patriots vote, 39 to 2, to go on strike before the September 14, 1975 preseason game at the Yale Bowl, due to the N.F.L. Players Association contract rejection.

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