American Football in Switzerland

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National Swiss Football League
(Non Professional Swiss Romande Americain Football League)

National Swiss Football League (NSFL)
NSFL Bowl I  2005  Fribourg Cardinals  W 6-0  Lausanne Sharks at Fribourg (Oct. 30)
NSFL Bowl II  2006  Fribourg Cardinals  W 22-0  Riviera Saints at Lausanne (Nov. 4)
NSFL Bowl III  2007  Lausanne Sharks  W 25-7  Fribourg Cardinals at Lausanne (Oct. 28)
NSFL Bowl IV  2008  Riviera Saints  W 14-6  Neuchatel Knights at Lausaanne (Nov. 9)
NSFL Bowl V  2009  Riviera Saints  W 13-12  Lausanne Owls at Lausanne (Nov. 8)
NSFL Bowl VI  2010  Riviera Saints  W 12-7  Geneva Seahawks at Lausanne (Nov. 14)
NSFL Bowl VII  2011  Geneva Seahawks  W 12-8  Lausanne Owls at Lausanne (Nov. 13)
NSFL Bowl VIII  2012  Geneva Seahawks  W 14-7  Fribourg Cardinals (Nov. 12)
NSFL Bowl IX  2013  Geneva Seahawks  W 32-11  Rivier Saints at Thonon-les-Bains, France (Nov. 10) 
NSFL Bowl X  2014  Geneva Seahawks  W 20-0  Lausanne Owls at Geneva (Nov. 2)
NSFL Bowl XI  2015  Geneva Whoppers W 14-6  Geneva Seahawks (Nov. 8)
NSFL Bowl XII  2016  Lausanne LUCAF Owls W 40-0  Morges Bandits (Nov. 6)
NSFL Bowl XIII  2017  Morges Bandits W 17-14  Yverdon Ducs (Nov. 5)
NSFL Bowl XIV  2018  Riviera Saints W 20-14  Monthey Rhinos (Nov. 11)
NSFL Bowl XV 2019  Lucerne Lions W 21-6  Morges Bandits at Lucerne (Nov. 8)
NSFL XV Game 2  Morges Bandits W 7-6  Lucerne Lions at Morges (Nov. 10)
Winner:  Lucerne Lions W 27-13   on total points 

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