Historic Football Records of the

New York Giants

  On September 9, 1925, announcement was made that the National Professional Football League of America would once again try to field a team in New York City. The team would be called both the New York All-Collegians and the New York Giants.
Home fields: The Polo Grounds 1925-1955; Yankee Stadium (1956-1973); the Yale Bowl 1973-1974; Shea Stadium 1975; Giants Stadium 1976 to 2009; Met Life Stadium, 2010-present.
  Nicknames: “Maramen”, “Mara University”, “Big Blue”

Giants at Shea Stadium

The Football Giants left The Yale Bowl following the 1974 season. Shea Stadium in Flushing, Queens became their new home field for 1975.

1970 coach: Alex Webster
11/1   W 22-10    at New York Jets  63,903

1975 (5-9-0 4th Eastern Division, 7th-tie N.F.L. National Conference) coach: Bill Arnsparger  Training camp: Pace College, Pleasantville, N.Y.
8/10   W 28-14    at New England Patriots, Schaefer Stadium, Foxboro, Mass.  (night) 40,726 (prseason game)
8/16   W 17-7     at San Diego Chargers, San Diego Stadium  (night) 28,305 (prseason game)
8/24   W 21-20       New York Jets, at the Yale Bowl  33,779 (prseason game)
8/30   W 24-7        Pittsburgh Steelers, at Palmer Stadium, Princeton, N.J.  38,185 (prseason game)
9/7    L 20-24       Cleveland Browns, Husky Stadium, Seattle, Wash.  20,000 (prseason game)
9/13   L 13-31    at Miami Dolphins, the Orange Bowl  (night) 49,398 (prseason game)
9/21   W 23-14    at Philadelphia Eagles, Veterans Stadium  60,798
9/28   L 13-49    at Washington Redskins, Robert F. Kennedy Stadium  54,953
10/5   L 14-26    at St. Louis Cardinals, Busch Memorial Stadium  44,919
10/12  L  7-13       Dallas Cowboys Shea  56,511
10/20  W 17-14    at Buffalo Bills, Rich Stadium  (night) 79,518 [George Hunt 37-yd. FG to win with 6 seconds to go]
10/25  L 13-20       St. Louis Cardinals Shea  49,598
11/1   W 35-24       San Diiego Chargers Shea  52,032
11/9   L 13-21       Washington Redskins Shea  57,242
11/16  L 10-13       Philadelphia Eagles Shea  53,434
11/23  L 14-40       Green Bay Packers, at County Stadium, Milwaukee, Wisc.  50,150
11/30  L  3-14    at Dallas Cowboys, Texas Stadium, Irving, Tex.  53,329
12/7   L  0-21       Baltimore Colts Shea  49,893 (10,434 no-shows)
12/14  W 28-14       New Orleans Saints Shea  40,150 (20,031 no-shows)
12/21  W 26-23    at San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park  34,354

The Football Giants moved into the new Giants Stadium, in East Rutherford, the Meadowlands, N.J. for the 1976 season.

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