Historic Football Records of the

New York Giants

  On September 9, 1925, announcement was made that the National Professional Football League of America would once again try to field a team in New York City. The team would be called both the New York All-Collegians and the New York Giants.
Home fields: The Polo Grounds 1925-1955; Yankee Stadium (1956-1973); the Yale Bowl 1973-1974; Shea Stadium 1975 Giants Stadium 1976 to 2009; Met Life Stadium, 2010-present.
  Nicknames: “Maramen”, “Mara University”, “Big Blue”
New York Giants pennant from early years. White on black, NEW YORK/GIANTS and a sketch profile of a rusher with one stiff arm out.

The Polo Ground Years

1925 (11-6-0) (8-4-0 4th NFL)  Coach: Bob Folwell  Fan's favorite player: Hinkey Haines  Colors: Red & Blue
Original Schedule:
10/4  at New Britain (Ind.)
10/11 at Providence Steam Rollers
10/17 at Frankford Yellow Jackets
10/18 PG Frankford Yellow Jackets
10/25 PG Buffalo Bisons
10/29 at Pottsville Maroons
11/1  PG Cleveland Bulldogs
11/8  PG Columbus Tigers
11/11 PG Rochester Jeffersons
11/15    Providence Steam Rollers
11/22 PG Kansas City Cowboys
11/26 at Buffalo Bisons
11/29 PG Dayton Triangles
12/6  PG Chicago Bears
12/12 at Cleveland Bulldogs
12/13 at Chicago Bears
9/27   W  3-0    at Newark Red Jackets  (Billy Gibson) [from Staten island Advance]
10/4   W 26-0    at New Britain All-Stars (non league) [Exhibition Game]  [Jim Thorpe 3yard TD run.]
10/11  L  0-14   at Providence Steam Rollers
10/17  L  3-5    at Frankford Yellow Jackets
10/18  L  0-14      Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  27,000
10/25 postponed     Buffalo Bisons PG [rain] [pp. to 11/3] 
11/1   W 19-0       Cleveland Bulldogs PG  18,000
11/3   W  7-0       Buffalo Bisons PG  20,000
11/8   W 19-0       Columbus Tigers PG  4,000
11/11  W 13-0       Rochester Jeffersons PG  10,000  [orig. sched. at Cleve.]
11/15  W 13-12      Providence Steam Rollers PG  20-25,000
11/22  W  9-3       Kansas City Cowboys PG  30,000
11/26  W  7-0    at Stapleton Collegians (Stapes), Thompson Stadium  3,500 or 7-10,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
11/29  W 23-0       Dayton Triangles PG PG  18,000
12/6   L  7-19      Chicago Bears PG  64,300 [Announced as 70,000]
12/13  W  9-0    at Chicago Bears      
1/1    L  3-13      Coral Gables Collegians, at Palm Beach, Fla. (non lg.)  [Exhibition Game]
1/9    W  7-0    at Jacksonville All-Stars, Fairfield Stadium (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
1/16   L 13-14   at Coral Gables Collegians  [Exhibition Game]
   •Giants may also have played games in California following the above. Ernie Nevers said he would coach them in California if they played there.

1926 10-5-1  (8-4-1, 7th NFL)  Coach: Joe Alexander; Training camp: Lake Ariel (Poconos), Pa.
9/19   W 12-0    at Trenton A.C.
9/26   W 21-0    at Hartford Blues, Hartford Velodrome  20,000
10/3   W  7-6    at Providence Steam Rollers  7,500
10/10  L  0-7    at Chicago Bears
10/12  no game?  at Canton Bulldogs  [probably postponed]
10/16  L  0-6    at Frankford Yellow Jackets, Frankford Stadium, Philadelphia
10/17  L  0-6       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  15,000 [Mayor Jimmy Walker kicks out the first ball.]
10/24  W 13-0       Kansas City Cowboys PG  10,000
10/29  L  0-3       Pottsville Maroons, at Artillery Park, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.  [Exhibition Game]
10/31 postponed     Brooklyn Lions PG  [rain]
11/2   T  7-7       Canton Bulldogs PG  40,000 [2 HS games before game]  [Canton had interesting play to tie game in 4th quarter" Canton HB Vick 40 yard pass to eligible receiver, Giant defenseman bats ball in air before it was caught. Canton back S. Robb raced down field, caught ball before it hit ground and ran remaining 10 yards for TD. Brother F. Robb kicked point after to tie.]
11/7   W 20-0       Chicago Cardinals PG  10,000
11/11  W 14-13      Duluth Eskimos PG  5,000  [Ernie Nevers' (the “Stanford Glacier”) PAT kick with 15 seconds to go blocked by Tillie Voss.]
11/14  L  0-6       Los Angeles Coast Stars (Buccaneers) PG  20,000
11/21  no game      Newark Bears PG [Exhibition Game]
11/21  W 21-0       Providence Steam Rollers
11/25  W 17-0    at Brooklyn Horse-Lions, Ebbets Field  10,000
11/28 canceled      Hartford Blues PG
11/28  W 27-0       Brooklyn Horse-Lions PG  7,000
12/4  no game       Brooklyn Horse-Lions, at Memorial Field Flushing (proposed when called Brooklyn Horsemen) 
12/5  canceled      Chicago Bears PG  100  [3" of snow]
12/12  no game      New York Yankees (AFL)  [Yankees reject game offer]
12/12  W 31-0       Philadelphia Quakers (A.F.L. Champions) PG  5,000
   •On 11/12, Lynn Bomar threw a pass from the top of the American Radiator Building on West 40th Street; it was caught by Hinkey Haines standing in Bryant Park. The pass covered more than 100 yards (324 feet to the street.) The first pass hit the sidewalk and burst, two passes went wild and one bowled over Hinkey before he caught the 5th toss.

1927 16-4-2 (11-1-1, 1st NFL- Champions!) Coach: Benny Friedman
9/18   W  6-0    at Orange A.C. Golden Stars (Tornadoes), Knights of Columbus Stadium  3,000-5,000  (non league) [Pre-Season]
9/25   W  8-0    at Providence Steam Rollers
10/2   T  0-0    at Cleveland Bulldogs
10/9   W 19-0    at Pottsville Maroons  [Joe Alexander 35 yard fumble return for TD; Jack McBride 7 points- 2 FGs and 1 PAT]
10/16  L  0-6       Cleveland Bulldogs PG  25,000
10/22  W 13-0    at Frankford Yellow Jackets, Frankford Stadium  9,000
10/23  W 27-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  15,000  [Forgetting that the goal posts had been moved, to the back of the end zone, Hinkey Haines caught a pass 8 yards past the goal line in the end zone and tried to head towards the goal posts. Five Yellow jackets tackled him, all forgetting that he the goal posts had been moved back 10 yards and he had already scored.]
10/30  W 16-0       Pottsville Maroons PG  20,000 {Kirleski of Maroons “stood so far behind his goal line to punt out of danger that he moved beyond the end zone and behind the goal posts. Kicking from this position brought on a safety and the former Lafayette back essayed the boot although he was warned of his position by officials.”.]
11/6   W 21-0       Duluth Eskimos PG  15,000
11/8   W 25-0       Providence Steam Rollers PG  38,000  [Part of triple header w/ HS games]
11/13  canceled     Buffalo Bisons  [Buffalo withdrew from league]
11/13  W 19-0    at Stapleton Stapes, Thompson Stadium  8-8,500  (non lg.) [Exhibition] [orig. sched. for 11/24]
11/19  W 33-7       Pere Marquette, Fenway Park, Boston  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
11/20  W 28-7       Chicago Cardinals PG  10,000
11/24  W 18-0    at Stapleton Stapes, Thompson Athletic Stadium  7,500 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]    
11/27  W 13-7       Chicago Bears PG  15,000
12/4   W 14-0       New York Yankees  PG  10,000
12/11  W 13-0    at New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium   8,000
12/18  L  6-13   at Hominy Indians (Oklahoma)
12/26  W 70-0       Arbuckle American Legion   at Nevers Field, Santa Rosa, California  2,500
1/8    L  6-13      Cleveland Bulldogs   at San Francisco
1/15   L  0-7       New York Yankees   at Wrigley Field, Los Angeles
1/22   canceled     Los Angeles Wildcats   at San Francisco [wet grounds]
1/29   T 13-13      New York Yankees   at San Francisco  2,500
2/12   no game      Cleveland Bulldogs   at Los Angeles
Post-season games played by Ernie Nevers Tut-Imlay Giants

1928 5-8-2 (4-7-2, 6th NFL)  Coach: Benny Friedman
9/23   W  7-0    at Orange A.C. Golden Tornadoes, K of C Stadium  5,000 (non-lg) [Exhibition Game]
9/30   W 12-6    at Pottsville Maroons  7,000
10/7   W  6-0    at Green Bay Packers  9,000
10/14  L  0-13      Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  15,000
10/21  L  0-28   at Detroit Wolverines, University of Detroit Stadium  [Lions' Benny Friedman 58 yard broken-field touchdown.]  
10/28  W 10-7    at New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium  25,000
11/4   T  0-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  3,000
11/6   W 13-7       Pottsville Miners PG  20,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game?] Note: Called Pottsville Miners in NY Times, some players were also in earlier Pottsville Maroons game. This is listed in records as the Maroons. Still checking other sources.
11/11  T 19-19      Detroit Wolverines PG  25,000  [Giants' Hinkie Haines 70 yard touchdown run. Giants' Mule Wilson 50 yard TD run.]
11/18  L  0-7       Green Bay Packers PG  20,000
11/25  L  0-16   at Providence Steam Rollers, Cyclodrome  13,000
11/29  L  0-7    at Staten Island Stapletons, Thompson's Stadium  11,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
12/2   L 13-19      New York Yankees PG  20,000
12/8   L  0-7    at Frankford Yellow Jackets  5,500
12/14 canceled   at Staten Island Stapletons
12/16  L  6-7    at New York Yankees, Yankee Stadium  15,000  [For “City Championship”]

1929 15-1-1  (13-1-1, 2nd NFL)  Coach- Leroy Andrews; Training camp- Asbury Park, N.J.
9/21   W 24-0    at Millville (N.J.)  (non league) [Pre-Season]
9/22   W 28-0       Wassington A.A. of Clifton, at Passaic, NJ  10,000  (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/29   T  0-0    at Orange A.C. Golden Tornadoes, K of C Stadium  9,000  [Giants' Benny Friedman misses placement FG attempt at final whistle. Ray Flaherty intercepted Orange pass in 2nd quarter at 30, runs back 55. Pulled down by Hamas at 15.]
10/6   W  7-0    at Providence Steamrollers  14,000
10/13  W 19-9       Staten Island Stapletons PG  30,000
10/20  W 32-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  30,000
10/27  W 19-0       Providence Steam Roller PG  25,000  [Tony Plasky two rushing TDs and an interception.]
11/3   W 26-14   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  26,000
11/5   W 45-6    at Buffalo Bisons, Bison Stadium
11/10  W 22-0       Orange A.C. Golden Tornadoes (H)  20,000
11/17  W 34-0       Chicago Bears PG  15,000  [For Giants 5 TD passes, 4 by Benny Friedman, 2 to Happ Moran who also threw the other TD pass. Tony Plasky 70 yard punt.]
11/24  L  6-20      Green Bay Packers PG  25,000
11/28  W 21-7    at Staten Island Stapletons, Thompson Stadium  10,000-12,000
12/1   W 24-21      Chicago Cardinals PG  5,000 [Tony Plansky 32 yard drop-kicked FG, from left side of field, with 5 seconds to play to win. Plansky had scored a rushing TD with Benny Friedman's point after placement had tied the score with 5 minutes to go..]
12/7   W 12-0    at Frankford Yellow Jackets  [Giants' Tiny Feather 56 yard interception return for touchdown.]
12/8   W 31-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  20,000
12/15  W 14-9    at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  5,000
12/22  no game   at Chicago Cardinals  [Originally on schedule; replaced with 11/5 Buffalo game]

1930 16-6-0 (13-4-0, 2nd NFL)  Coaches: LeRoy Andrews, Benny Friedman, Steve Owens
9/17   W 32-0    at Newark Tornadoes  (night) 10,000
9/24   W 13-0    at Long Island Bulldogs, Dexter Park  (night) 4,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
9/28   W 27-7    at Providence Steam Roller  12,000
10/1   no game      College Point F.C., Dexter Park  (night)  (non lg.[Exhibition]
10/5   L  7-14   at Green Bay Packers
10/9   W  6-0    at Milwaukee Nitehawks, Borchert Field
10/12  W 12-0    at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field
10/16  W 25-12      Chicago Cardinals PG  (night) 15,000
10/19  W 53-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG 10,000
10/22 postponed     Brooklyn Dodgers PG  (night)  [Giants preferring not to play at night postpone game to 11/30.]
10/26  W 25-0       Providence Steam Roller PG  10,000
10/29  W 34-7       Newark Tornadoes PG  (night) 5,000  10/30?
11/2   W  9-7       Staten Island Stapletons PG  18-20,000  [Benny Friedman 42 yard FG in last minute to win. Stapes' 60 yard TD Wycoff to Ken Strong in 4th]
11/5   no game   at Cincinnati  [Exhibition Game] [possibly not real]
11/5   W 19-6    at Portsmouth Spartans (Ohio)  (night)
11/9   W 13-7    at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  [Giants Hap Moran to Hagerty 60 yard TD.]
11/11  L 12-13      Ironton Tanks, at Crosley Field, Cincinnati (Oh.)  4,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Glenn Presnell intercepts Giant Benny Friedman pass at 38; Presnell TD pass to Gene Alford with 3 seconds left at snap.]
11/16  L  0-12      Chicago Bears PG  5,000
11/23  W 13-6       Green Bay Packers PG  40,000  [Giants' Hap Moran 91 yard run on direct snap from center in punt formation from 15, to 1 yard line.]
11/27  L  6-7    at Staten Island Stapletons, Thompson Stadium  10,000-12,000
11/30  L  6-7       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  25,000
12/6   W 14-6    at Frankford Yellow Jackets, at Philadelphia
12/7   W 13-0    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  20,000
12/14  W 22-0       Notre Dame All-Stars PG  50,000 [Charity All-Star Game][Notre Dame old-timers including the 1924 Four Horsemen and Seven Mules, Navy coach Rip Miller (N.D. '24) & members of undefeated 1929 team;  coached by Knute Rockne.]
12/21  L  7-16      Staten Island Stapletons PG  15,000  [Post-Season Charity Game]

1931 9-6-1 (7-6-1, 5th NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
9/20   W 32-0    at Orange Tornadoes, K of C Stadium (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]  [Only one penalty in game] [Giant Chris Cagle 60 yard kickoff return.]
9/23   W 53-0       Oklahoma Hominy Indians PG  5,000 (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/27   W 14-6    at Providence Steam Roller
9/30   L  6-14   at Portsmouth Spartans
10/4   L  7-27   at Green Bay Packers  [Giant Red Flaherty blocks punt and goes 15 yards for TD.]
10/11  L  0-6    at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field
10/18  W  7-0       Staten Island Stapes PG  25,000
10/25  W 27-0       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  22,000
11/1   W 14-0       Portsmouth Spartans PG  32,500
11/8   W 13-0       Frankford Yellow Jackets PG  25,000
11/15  L  6-12      Chicago Bears PG  20,000  [With 24 seconds to go, tied at 6, Red Grange receives a pass at the 20 and scores.][Governor Franklin Roosevelt & Mayor Jimmy Walker attend game.][Part Charity]
11/22  L 10-14      Green Bay Packers PG  40,000
11/26  L  6-9    at Staten Island Stapes, Thompson Stadium  10,000  [Ken Strong 7 pts.]
11/29  T  0-0       Providence Steam Roller PG  10,000
12/6   W 19-6    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  25,000
12/13  W 25-6    at Chicago Bears, at Wrigley Field  8,000  

1932 6-6-2 (4-6-2, 5th NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens; Training camp- Magnetic Springs, Oh.
9/18   W 33-0    at Canton Bulldogs, Lakeside Athletic Park [Shipwreck Kelly 2 TDs] (non league) [Pre-Season]
9/25   L  0-7    at Portsmouth Spartans
10/2   L  0-13   at Green Bay Packers  5,500
10/9   L  6-14   at Boston Braves, Braves Field  10,000
10/16  W 20-12      Brooklyn Dodgers PG  25,000 [Part Benifit]
10/23  T  0-0       Boston Braves PG  “Despite the inclement weather, a crowd of 15,000 persons witnessed the contest.” (N.Y. Times)
10/30  L  0-6       Portsmouth Spartans PG  20,000  [Dutch Clark stars, TD pass Roy (Father) Lumpkin, after 34 yard pass to Harry Ebding, 2nd qtr., only successful passes out of 7 attempt; Giants 1st and goal at Spartans' 8 yard line, two pases by Bo Molenda knocked out of the hands of Campbell and Ray Flaherty by Earl "Dutch" Clark. Spartan John Cavosia misses 20 yard drop kick.]
11/6   L  8-28      Chicago Bears PG  12,000  [Red Grange 3 TDS, including on a 40+ yard pass play from Bronco Nagurski.]
11/13  W 27-7       Staten Island Stapes PG  15,000  [Chris Cagle (Army) 2 TDs, including 70 yard punt return TD in 2nd quarter. 3rd quarter TD on Jack McBride pass.]
11/20  W  6-0       Green Bay Packers PG  80,000  [upset][Part Benefit][43 yard TD Jack McBride to Ray Flaherty]
11/24  T 13-13   at Staten Island Stapes, Thompson Stadium  4,500-8,000
11/27  W 13-7    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  10,000
12/4   L  0-6    at Chicago Bears, at Wrigley Field  [For this game the two teams agreed that in case of a tie they would play an overtime period.]
12/10 postponed     Portsmouth Spartans, at Lexington, Ky.  [weather][Exhibition game]
12/13  W 18-0       Portsmouth Spartans, at McLean Stadium, Lexington, Ky.  [Exhibition Game]

In January, 1933, Tim Mara, president of the Giants proposed eliminating the point after touchdown and replacing it with a ten minute overtime period. (not sudden-death)]

1933 16-3-0  (11-3-0, 1st Eastern Division, NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens; Training camp: Pompton Lakes, N.J.
9/9    W 24-0       All-Long Island Stars, at Freeport Municipal Stadium  (night) 4,000  (non lg.) [Pre-Season] [Rookie Harry Newman TD run, TD pass, 3 PTs]
9/13   W 12-0    at Staten Island Stapes  (night) 4,500  (non lg) [Pre-Season]
9/17   W 20-0    at Paterson Night Hawks, Hinchcliffe City Stadium  7,000  [Ken Strong 2 TDs, 2 PATs.]
9/20   W 23-2    at Pittsburg Pirates, Forbes Field  (night) 25,000  [Ken Strong 33 yard TD interception return and 2 PATs, Harry Newman 5 yard TD run, 37 yard TD pass to Burnett and 30 yard FG.]
9/24   L  7-17   at Portsmouth Spartans  7,000  [Spartans' Morris Bodenger 60 yard interception return to 1; Spartans' Glenn Presnell 55 yard TD run, 25 yard FG and 2 PATs.]
9/27   W 21-0    at Indianapolis Indians  (night), Bush Stadium (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
10/1   W 10-7    at Green Bay Packers, at Borchert Field, Milwaukee  13,000
10/8   L 20-21   at Boston Redskins, Fenway Park  15,000  [Braves' new name][Louis Weller 50 yard TD run for Boston.]
10/15  W 56-0       Philadelphia Eagles PG  18,000 [Harry Newman to Hap Moran for TD and for PAT, Mel Hein interception, Clancy 46 yard TD run.]
10/18      ?     at Bridgeport [Exhibition Game]
10/22  W 21-7       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  35,000 [Giants' Harry Newman punts to Kelly of Dodgers who punts it right back for one yard loss.]
10/25  W 32-7    at Washington Passers, Griffith Stadium  (night) 2,500 [Exhibition Game]
10/29  L 10-14   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  [Ken Strong TD pass from Harry Newman, PAT and 35 yard FG.]
11/5   W 13-10      Portsmouth Spartans PG  15,000  [Glenn Presnell 20 yard FG, 81 yard TD run and 1 PAT for Spartans; Giants score all points in 4th quarter.]
11/12  W  7-0       Boston Redskins PG  17,601  [Major Cavanaugh Memorial Tribute Benefit Game]
11/19  W  3-0       Chicago Bears PG  22,000  [Strong 21 yard FG]
11/26  W 17-6       Green Bay Packers PG  17,000  [Giants' Dale Burnett 84 yard interception return for TD. Ken Strong 30 yard FG following Burnett's fair catch of a punt.] 
11/30  W 10-0    at Brooklyn Dodgers  28,000
12/3   W 27-3       Pittsburgh Pirates PG  10,000
12/10  W 20-14   at Philadelphia Eagles, Baker Bowl  8,000  [Winning score on Harry Newman to Elvin “Kink” Richards 60 yard TD play. Eagles' Swede Hanson 61 yard TD run; Eagles' Red Davis pass to George Kenneally and then lateral to Red Kirkman who runs rest of way on 54 yard TD play;  Giants clinch East when Packers lose to Bears same day. ]
    •Championship Game•
12/17  L 21-23   at Chicago Bears, at Wrigley Field  30,000  [Jack Manders (Bears) 10 points on 3 FG 16, 9 & 40 yards; Bronco Nagurski pass to Hewitt, long lateral to Billy Karr in to score TD late in 4th, 32 yards for TD. Mel Hein, center eligible in unbalanced line after shifting line, ball snapped to Harry Newman who slipped it back to Hein while fake spinning with ball. Hein gained 40 yards.]

1934 14-7-0 (8-5-0), 1st Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
9/9    W 28-6    at New Rochelle Bulldogs, City Park Stadium  7,500  (non lg.) [Pre-Season Game] [Bulldogs' Johnny Scalzi 10 yard pass to Win Anderson, lateral to Pete Battle who ran 70 yards to end zone for 80 yard TD.]
9/13   W 27-0    at Orange Tornadoes, Ashland Stadium  (night)  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Willis Smith 75 yard TD run.]
9/16   W 19-6       Rose Bowl Lions, at Hinchcliffe Stadium, Paterson, N.J.  3,500  (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/19   W 34-6    at Perth Amboy Clovers, Perth Amboy City Stadium  (night) 6,500  (non lg.) [Pre-eason] [Clovers' Francis Heenan 90 yard interception return for TD.]
9/23   L  0-9    at Detroit Lions  15,000  [Were Portsmouth Spartans] [Dutch Clark 11 yard drop kick field goal 2nd qtr.; Father Lumpkin interception (of Danowski's pass) return 45 yards for TD in last minute of game.] 
9/30   L  6-20   at Green Bay Packers  15,000  [“One of the biggest thrills of the day was given the crowd when Hinkle of the victors attempted a 55-yard placement from his own 45-yard line. The ball was wide of the uprights by less than two feet.”..NY Times.]
10/3   W 14-12   at Pittsburgh Pirates, Forbes Field  13,000
10/7   W 16-13   at Boston Redskins  20,000  [Harry Newman scores all New York's points. Runs back opening kickoff 93 yards for TD. pacement extra-point,  FGs of 30, 25 and 20 yards.]
10/14  W 14-0       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  30,000
10/21  W 17-7       Pittsburgh Pirates PG  11,000  [Ken Strong 44 yard FG, also touchdown. Star of game was Willie “Mickey Mouse” Smith (148 lbs.), 6 yards; Harry Newman 68 yd. kickoff return. On an interception by Ken Strong, lateral to Newman, lateral to Ike Frankien, for 15 yards.]
10/28  W 17-0       Philadelphia Eagles PG  8,500  [Part Benefit]
11/4   L  7-27      Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  25,000  [Bears' first play from scrimmage 49 yard TD play  Carl Brumbaugh to Bill Kerr.]
11/11  W 17-3       Green Bay Packers PG  27,000  [Part Benefit]
11/18  L  9-10      Chicago Bears PG  55,000  [Ken Strong's opening kickoff of the 2nd half hit the goal posts on the goal line bounced into the end zone and out again to a foot in play; Bear's George Corbett picked it up, hesitated and then grounded the ball in the end zone, thinking it was a touchback when it was actually a safety. Bears score all points in last 8 minutes. Jack Manders 24 yard FG with a minute left. Bears 29 game winning streak incuding exhibition games.]
11/25  W  3-0       Boston Redskins PG  20,000  [Ken Strong 14 yard kick. Ed Danowski forward pass to Dale Burnett who instantly flipped ball to Ken Strong to 4 yard line, 45 yard play.]
11/29  W 27-0    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  15,000
12/2   L  0-6    at Philadelphia Eagles, at Shibe (Phillies) Park  12,800
    •Championship Game•
12/9   W 30-13      Chicago Bears PG  37,000   Champions!  [“Sneaker Game”... Giants score 4 TDs in 4th quarter. Wearing Manhattan College rubber-soled basketball sneakers beginning 2nd half (Ray Flaherty, Giants' leader, had worn sneakers with Gonzaga at University of Montana game in 1924; in 1933 University of Washington used sneakers in a charity game against the Seattle All-Stars, leading 69-0 at the half  Seattle got sneakers second half resulting in no more scoring. Giant Bill Morgan had been there.). Ken Strong 38 yard FG, 41 yard TD run, 11 yard TD run, 1 PAT, 18 points. Ed Danowski 7 of 13 passes for 112 yards. Giants 54 yards on 4 laterals. Bears streak ends after 31 straight wins (including exhibition games.)]
12/16  W 10-0    at Paterson Panthers, Hinchcliffe Stadium  5,000  [Charity Exhibition Game]  [Ken Strong scores all points.]
1/20   W 21-0       Pacific Coast All-Stars, at Kezar Stadium, San Francisco, Cal.  20,000  (non lg) [Charity Exhibition Game]
1/27   L  0-21      Chicago Bears, at Gilmore Stadium, Los Angeles, Cal.  15,000  [Exhibition Game] [Red Grange plays in last football game; 41 yard run near end of game, reversing his field twice.]
2/3    L  0-9       Pacific Coast All Stars, at Multnomah Field, Portland, Ore.  16,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Howard Ebding 64 yard intercption return for TD.]

1935 14-4-0 (9-3-0, 1st Eastern Division, NFL)    Coach: Steve Owens;  Training camp: Blue Hills Country Club
9/8    W 33-0    at Passaic Red Devils, School Stadium  8,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]  [Kink Richards, Giants, 40 yard interception return. Chris Cagle's first game playing with Passaic.]
9/10   W 21-0    at Orange Tornadoes, Knights of Columbus Stadium  (night) 12,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
9/15   W 32-0    at Danbury Trojans, Lee Stadium  7,500  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]  [Largest Danbury crowd until this time for football. Tony Sarausky 30 yard TD run; 100 yard interception return for TD on last play of game.]
9/18   W 33-0    at Perth Amboy Clovers, City Stadium  (night)  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
9/22   W 42-7    at Pittsburgh Pirates  24,000 (record Pittsburgh pro football record)
9/29   L  7-16   at Green Bay Packers  10,000 [Packers' Hank Bruder runs back interception of Ken Strong pass for 65 yard TD return. Cal Hubbard 8 yd. intercetion return for TD for Packers on Ed Danowski pass.]
10/6   W 20-12   at Boston Redskins  8,000 [On a Ken Strong kickoff Shepherd laterals to Cliff Battles who scores TD on 85 yd. return; Boston also scores on their own kickoff: Pug Rentner kicked off into the end zone. Max Krause of Giants just looked at ball and Boston's kicker Rentner jumps on ball for a Redskin TD.]
10/13  W 10-7       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  30,000 [Mayor LaGuardia at game, also Senator Robert Wagner. Injured Ken Strong kicks 24 yd. FG in 4th for 10-0 lead. First series, Ken Strong 24 yd rushing TD and PAT; scores all points.]
10/20  W 17-6       Boston Redskins PG  20,000  [10 points in first 2 minutes; Ken Strong 25 yd FG, Corzine 13 yard punt return TD. 17 pts., 1st qtr.. Hot day.]
10/27  L 13-14      Chicago Cardinals PG  32,000  [Phil Sarbo, Cards, 88 yard punt return for TD with 2 minutes to go, Bill Smith kicks the winning PAT. Ken Strong misses first PAT in two years in first period.]
11/3   L  3-20      Chicago Bears PG  40,000  [In the second half, Bears outgained Giants 88 yards to 8.]
11/10  no game   at Temple University, Philadelphia [Charity Exhibition][“Philadelphia, Oct. 20 (AP)- Glenn S. (Pop) Warner, Temple University football coach, declined a suggestion today to have Temple and the New York Giants  of the National Football League meet in a charity game on Nov.10. 'Such a game would be out of the qustion entirely,' Warner said. 'We wouldn't even give it a moment's consideration. We purposely left Nov. 9 open as a breather and certainly would not jeopardize our college record by taking on a pro team.'”]
11/10  W 24-6    at Paterson Panthers, Hinchcliffe Stadium  13,000  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]  [Harry Newman 66 yard TD run. Panthers' Ed Brominski 20 yard pass to Jack McBride, playing coach, who runs 30 yards more.McBride to Dick Baltzell long TD pass.]
11/17  W  3-0       Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  19,000  [Ken Strong 14 yd. FG in 3rd.]
11/24  W 10-0       Philadelphia Eagles PG  [Harry Newman 20 yd. FG in 4th, Ed Danowki 55 yd. TD pass in 3rd qtr. to Tod Goodman “thrown from his own 33”]
11/28  W 21-0    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  25,000
12/1   W 21-14   at Philadelphia Eagles, Baker Bowl  6,500
12/8   W 13-0       Pittsburgh Pirates PG  7,000  [48 yard FG Ken Strong; 28 yd. FG Harry Newman; 65 yd. TD pass Ed Danowski to Tod Goodman]
    •Championship Game•
12/15  L  7-26   at Detroit Lions, University of Detroit Stadium  15,000  [Dutch Clark 40 yard TD run for Lions.][Detroit Tigers also won World Series 1935]

1936 10-6-1 (5-6-1, 3rd Eastern Division, NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
9/3    W 21-0    at Orange Tornadoes (AFA), K of C Stadium  (night) 8-9,000 (non lg.) [Pre-Season]    
9/8    W 12-2       Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 35,000  [Originally scheduled at Municipal Stadium, Randalls Island]  [Charity Game] (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/13   L  7-10   at Philadelphia Eagles, Municipla Stadium  20,000 Philadelphia TD 55 yards Dave Smukler 24 yard pass to Ed Manske runs 15 yards, laterals it to Joe Carter who goes for TD.]
9/15   W 13-0    at Passaic Red Devils, School Stadium (AFA)  (night) 3,500 (non lg.) [Exhibition game]
9/20   W  26-0   at New Rochelle Bulldogs, New Rochelle H.S. Stadium (AFA), New Rochelle City Park 10,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
9/22  scrimmage     Manhattan College, at Innisfail Park, the Bronx  no contact
9/27   L  7-10   at Pittsburgh Pirates  25,800  [Nick Niccolai FG near end of game for win]
10/1   W 35-0    at College All-Stars of Washington (D.C.), Griffith Stadium 8,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game]
10/4   W  7-0       Boston Redskins, Fenway Park  15,000 [Tuffy Leemans 31 yard rushing TD in 2nd]
10/11  T 10-10      Brooklyn Dodgers PG  25,000
10/18  W 14-6       Chicago Cardinals PG  17,000
10/21 scrimmage  at Fort Jay, Governors Island
10/25  W 21-17      Philadelphia Eagles PG  15,000
11/1   W 14-7       Detroit Lions PG  26,243
11/8   L  7-25      Chicago Bears PG  35,000
11/15  L  0-38   at Detroit Lions, University of Detroit Stadium   20,000 [Center Delbert Ritchhart 92 yard interception (Tuffy Leemans pass) return for touchdown, with escort by Harry Ebding and Glenn Presnell.]
11/22  L 14-26      Green Bay Packers PG  26,000 [Packer Don Hutson caught two passes for 27, breaking Tod Goodwin's record of 26.]
11/26  W 14-0       Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  18,000
12/6   L  0-14      Boston Redskins PG  18,000  [In fog, rain and mud. A “veritable quagmire”][This game was for Eastern Division title]
•Championship Game, at the Polo Grounds•
12/13  Green Bay Packers W 21 - 6 L Boston Redskins 32,000 [Boston moved game to New York][In case of tie another game was planned for 12/20.]

1937 9-3-2 (6-3-2, 2nd Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
9/8    W 14-7       Eastern College All-Stars PG  38,000 (non league) [Charity Exhibition Game]  [Tuffy Leemans 62 yard punt return for TD.]
9/12   W 35-0    at New Rochelle Bulldogs (AFA), City Park  3,000 (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/16   L  3-13      Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  (night) 25,000 [orig. scheduled for 9/17, changed due to speech by F.D.R. that day.] [Redskin Riley Smith FGs of 19 & 18 yards, and 58 yard interception return for TD, made PAT, scored all Washington's points.]
9/21  scrimmage     Manhattan College, Innisfail Park
9/26   W 10-7       Pittsburgh Pirates, Forbes Foeld  33,095  [Tillie Manton hits 12 yard FG from an “almost impossible” angle in 4th for winning pts. To try and make kick easier, Giants go off side to get penalty but Pirates refused to accept it.] 
10/3   W 16-7    at Philadelphia Eagles, Municipal Stadium  13,000 [Eagles' Emmett Mortell 88 yard punt return to the 4.]   
10/10  W 19-7    at Wilmington Clippers (non lg) [Exhibition Game]  [Giants Tuffy Leemans 68 yard pass play to Ward Cuff for TD & Leemans 75 yard TD run; Hank Soar 20 yard kick return & pass to Kink Richards for TD; Clippers Tod Goodwin TD on 30 yard fumble recovery return.]
10/17  W 21-0       Philadelphia Eagles PG  26,000
10/24  W 21-0       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  25,000
10/31  T  3-3       Chicago Bears PG  50,449
11/7   W 17-0       Pittsburgh Pirates PG  21,447
11/14  L  0-17      Detroit Lions PG  21,447
11/21  W 10-0       Green Bay Packers PG  38,965 [upset]
11/25  T 13-13   at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  27,000
11/28  canceled  at Paterson Panthers (AFA), Hinchcliffe Stadium [rain] (non lg) [Exhibition Game]  
12/5   L 14-49      Washington Redskins PG  58,285

1938 10-2-1 (8-2-1, 1st Eastern Division, NFL)  Coach: Stout Steve Owens  Training Camp: Blue Hill C.C., Orangeburg, NY
9/7    W  6-0       Eastern College All-Stars PG   (night) 40,382  (non lg.) [Benefit Exhibition Game] [Ward Cuff FGs of 43 and 42 yards.]
9/11   W 27-14   at Pittsburgh Pirates, Forbes Field  17,340 [Pirates Whizzer White 175 yards running. Ed Danowski 75 yard quick-kick.]
9/25   L 10-14   at Philadelphia Eagles, Municipal Stadium  23,877
10/3   L 10-13      Pittsburgh Pirates PG  (night) 18,805
10/9   W 10-7       Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  37,500 [Ed Danowski to Jim Lee Howell 18 yard TD in 4th for winning pts..]
10/16  W 17-7       Philadelphia Eagles PG  33,187 [Giants' John “Bull” Karcis 74 yard return of Jay Arnold fumble for TD. Guests at game were the Junior Inspectors Club of the Department of Sanitation.]
10/23  W 28-14      Brooklyn Dodgers PG  36,228
11/6   W  6-0       Chicago Cardinals PG  19,648 [John (Bull) Karcis interception (Robbin's pass) & 40 yard return to Cards' 30 with under 4 minutes to play. Tuffy Leemans 5 tard rushing TD with 1:02 to go.]
11/13  W 28-0       Cleveland Rams PG  25,000
11/20  W 15-3       Green Bay Packers PG  48,279  [Tuffy Leemans 75 yard TD run. Mel Hein interception of Cecil Isbell and 50 yard return for TD. First touchdown by Hein in N.F.L., 1st TD also on interception in 1927 for Washington State against Montana.. Safety for Giants when Ward Cuff kickoff fumbled by Clarke Hinkle who recovered in end zone, and tackled, first Giant points at beginning of 2nd half. Packers' only score a 22 yard field goal by 240 pound guard Tiny Engebretsen.]
11/24  T  7-7    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Fie;d  17,400
12/4   W 36-0       Washington Redskins PG  58,061
    •Championship Game•
12/11  W 23-17      Green Bay Packers PG  48,120 Champions!
1/15   W 13-10      All-America All-Stars, Wrigley Field, Los Angeles, Cal.  (non lg.) [Charity Exhibition Game] [All-Stars: Sammy Baugh 70 yard pass play to Lloyd Caldwell for TD. Giants: Feets Barnum 13 yard FG. Ward Cuff 17 yd FG to win w/ 5 min. to go.]

1939 12-2-1 (9-1-1, 1st Eastern Division, NFL)  Coach- Steve Owens; Training camp: Superior, Wisc.
8/24   L  8-18      Chicago Cardinals, at Superior, Wisc. [Pre-Season Scrimmage] [Game arranged because College All-Stars had already won 4 of 5 games.][2 hour scrimmage.]
8/30   W  9-0       College All-Stars, Soldier Field, Chicago  (night) 81,456 [Pre Season]
9/7    W 10-0       Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 38,667  (non lg.) [Pre-Season Charity Game] 
9/15   W 21-0       Eastern College All-Stars, at Cranston, R.I.   12,000 [Sutherland's All-Stars] (non lg.)  [Providence Shrine Game]
9/24   W 13-3    at Philadelphia Eagles, Municipal Stadium  30,864 [Ken Strong 18 yard FG, Ward Cuff 35 yard FG. led 6-3 until last TD in 4th. First loss after 14 straight 
10/1   T  0-0    at Washington Redskins  26,341
10/8   W 14-7    at Pittsburgh Pirates, Forbes Field  9,663 [Pittsburgh at Giants' 9 yard line when game ends. Giant Len “Bear Tracks” Barnum intercepted a Coley McDnough pass. Ward Cuff two touchdowns.] 
10/15  W 27-10      Philadelphia Eagles PG  34,471 [Record home opening attendance. Eagles 43 yard FG by Hank Reese, 65 yard fumble recovery TD return by Ted Schmitt. Giant Hank Soar intercepts Dave Smukler's pass returning it 40 yards for TD. Ward Cuff 38 yard FG. Len (Bear Track) Barnum 2 yard TD run.]
10/22  W 16-13      Chicago Bears PG  58,693 [upset][Giants hold Bears at 2½ yard line for 4 downs. Ward Cuff 43 yd. FG, and two in 4th quarter of 40 and 24 yds.; Bear Tracks Barnum 13 yard TD run. Bear Joe Maniaci 102 yards rushing.][The Maramen had 27 interceptions so far in season, 18 of them in league games. Only 29 of 82 passes against the Giants defense were completed.]
10/29  W  7-6    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbetts Field  34,032
11/5   L 14-18   at Detroit Lions, Briggs Stadium  48,492 [record Detroit crowd] [Breaks 19 game winning streak][Lions get 4 FGs, Phil “One Play” Martinovich FGs of 38, 19 & 32 yards, Chuck Hanneman for 34 yards, Monk Moscrip missed from 27 yds. 4 of 5 converted (Giants 0 for 4 FGs, Wade Cuff misses from 44 and 50 , the 50 yarder struck the left uproght, Ken Strong from 37 and Bear Tracks Barnum from 50.). Giants Len (Bear Tracks) Barnum 67 yard pass to Tuffy Leemans 47 yard TD; Ed Danowski 5 yard TD pass to Al owen for Giants.][Detroit used “Goose Neck” goal posts.]
11/12  W 17-7       Chicago Cardinals PG  28,217  [Bear Tracks Barnum kicks off, intercepts a pass , sets up his own field goal, 47 yards. Tuffy Leemans 51 yard punt return sets up a TD, an 8 yard Barnum pass to Leemans for TD.]
11/19  W 23-7       Pittsburgh Pirates PG  19,372 [Giants'Eddie “Muscles” Miller 21 yard run for TD.
11/26  W 28-7       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  30,144
12/3   W  9-7       Washington Redskins PG  62,530 [Avg. ticket: $1.65][This game was for the Eastern Division Championship, the winner would go to the N.F.L. Championship Game. Redskin Bo Russell's 15 yard field goal try with 45 seconds left for the win near end of game was called no good, wide by referee Bill Halloran. Russell cried on the field; Wingback Ed Justice, out of Gonzaga ran after Halloran following the game; it would have meant victory and the division title. A half dozen Washington players surrounded the refs argues and threatened the ref. Redskin coach Ray Flaherty was crazed. At games end he continued his argument with Halloran that the kick was good. It was when Flaherty stopped that Justice rushed in. He pushed apart his teammates and pounced on the Halloran and umpire Tom Thorpe throwing punches, though reports were unsure whether he hit any. He faced exile from the league if he had. Police surrounded the officials and dragged off Justice, still protesting. Fights then began in the stands and on the field, even though the officials were gone. In the locker room everyone was sure the kick was good except the kicker who wasn't sure because it was too close. Spectators estimated the kick missed by from 2 inches to 2 feet. Halloran told investigation that Justice didn't swing at him and there was no censure.][Giant FGs by Ken Strong (19 yds.) and two FGs by Ward Cuff (40 and 15 yards). Wee Willie Wilkin blocked Giant Len Barnum's punt.]
    •Championship Game•
12/10  L  0-27   at Green Bay Packers, at State Fair Grounds, Milwaukee  32,279                        

1940 7-5-1 (6-4-1, 3rd Eastern Division NFL)  Coach- Steve Owens; Training Camp: Blue Hill Country Club,  Orangeburg, N.Y.
9/4    L  7-16      Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 39,405  (non lg.) [Charity Exhibition] [Merlyn Condit (Carnegie Tech) takes kickoff from Len Barnum of Giants and runs back 93 yards for TD]
9/8   scrimmage     Manhattan College, at La Salle Military Academy, Oakdale, L.I.
9/15   T  10-10  at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  18,601  [Formerly Pirates][Giants tie in second half. Ward Cuff's point after touchdown strikes upright and caroms in, Len Barnum 31 yard FG to tie. Near game's end Barnum miskicks a 12 yard punt. Niccolai of Steelers misses 32 yard FG.]
9/22   L  7-21   at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  34,712 ["It was Slingin' Sammy Baugh, pitching strikes on the same field where Walter Johnson pitched them twenty years ago, who beat the New Yorkers. He put them in a hole with a 72-yard quick kick right at the beginning of the battle..." (Arthur J. Daley, New York Times)  88 degrees temp. “Dodging Dick” Todd ran Kay Eakin's punt back 76 yards for Redskin TD. Times makes big deal taht Giant's Tuffy Leemans rushed for 78 yards while entire Redskins steam had only 74.]
9/28   W 20-14   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  (night) 26,431 [Slingshot Davey O'Brien was Eagle's star. Giant Ward Cuff kicked field goals of 37 and 30 yards, 42 yard touchdown run, the point after, "Cuff 10-Eagles 7."  He had 11 total points in game. Doug Oldershaw finally intercepted O'Brien's pass at the 10 yard line.] 
10/6   W 41-21   at Jersey City Giants, Roosevelt Stadium  6,504  (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Ed Danowski 3 TD passes for Jersey City. Danowski 70 yard TD pass play to Walt Singer. Eddie Miller 38 yard TD pass play to Ward Cuff (Cuff PAT, he had 3 in game), Cuff 7 yard TD run, Miller 13 yard TD pass to Leland Shaffer, Miller intercepts a pass, scores a12 yard rushing TD, Miller 45 yard TD pass play to jim Lee Howell., Tuffy Leemans to Chuck Gelatka 25 yard TD pass play.]
10/13  W 17-7       Philadelphia Eagles PG  30,317 
10/20  W 12-0       Pittsburgh Steelers PG  19,798 [Eddie Miller to Ward Cuff 60 yard TD pass play, 27 yard PAT after penalty. and 23 yd. FG; John Noppenberg punt blocked in end zone, Rocco Pirro of Steelers falls on it for a safety for Giants.]
10/27  L 21-37      Chicago Bears PG  44,219  [breaks 15 game home winning streak. 30-7 at half.][Bear Lee Artoe kicks 52 yard placement field goal; “Little” Eddie Miller 16 for 28 passes for 328 yards for Giants.]
11/3   W 10-7       Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  32,958  [Wad Cuff 25 yd. TD run and FG]
11/10  L  0-13      Cleveland Rams PG  23,614 [Vic Spadaccini intercepted a Tuffy Leemans pass returning it 60 yards for a TD, in 2nd half he intercepted a Kay Eakin pass returning it 21 yards to set up thes second TD, Spadaccini then kicked the extra point. Leemans 101 yards rushing.]
11/17  W  7-3       Green Bay Packers PG  28,282 [upset][Giant Len Barnum kicked off to start the game and as returner Larry Buhler started to run he was hit and the ball popped out, Leland Shaffer recovering on the 6; on 3rd down Barnum passed 8 yards to Leland Shaffer in the end zone for the TD, Barnum PAT. At 1:47 into the game. Peculiar play leads to Green bay FG. Packers have ball on Giants 31, 2nd and 8. Arnold Herber pitched a “spot pass” to Carl Mulleneaux at the 22. "Before the Packer end had a firm grip on the pigskin, Mel Hein, an all-league center yesterday if there ever was one, stole it from his grasp, returning it to the 31. Hinky Haines, the field judge, was behind the play," and didn't see it. "He called it an incomplete pass although the other officials termed it a technical 'fumble and recovery.' So it was New York's ball and the Packer debating team went into action. They won the argument.....The whistle toters kept overruling themselves, depending on who talked fastest." Green Bay was given the ball where the play had started but the chains were moved so they only needed 2 yards for a first. This led to Charlie Hinkle's 31 yard field goal. Barnum had punts of 57 yards and two of 75 yards.]
11/24  W 21-7       Washington Redskins PG  46,439  [upset][Sammy Baugh was limited to 4 of 13 completions for 25 yards and 3 interceptions, but the 4 receptions let him tie the completions record at the time. He had a TD pass  t5 yards to Ed “There-ain't-no” Justice. Tuffy Leemans 35 yard “whirling dash” breaking 4 tackles for TD.]
12/1   L  6-14      Brooklyn Dodgers PG  59,993 “Mel Hein Day”; Hein's last game. (He later unretired.}]

1941 11-4-1 (8-3-0, 1st Eastern Divison NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
8/23   T 17-17   at Green Bay Packers  (night)  [Pre-Season Exhibition Game] [Giant Win Pederson 26 yard FG with 15 seconds left to tie game.]
8/31   W 34-7       Kenosha Cardinals, Thomas College Field, St. Paul, Minn.  7,000  (non lg.) [Benefit Pre-Season Game][Johnny Blood's Kenosha Cardinals]
9/3    W 23-3       Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 54,279 (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/7    L  8-14   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  20,493 [Pre-Season]
9/13   W 24-0    at Philadelphia Eagles  38,747 [formerly Pittsburgh Steelers; swap teams][record Philadelphia attendance][Ward Cuff 19 yd. Fg, 41 yard TD pass play from Kay Eakin. Len “Feets” Leemans, now an Eagle throws 5 interceptions.Wade Cuff missed 54 yard FG try, Win Pedersen of Giants missed a 39 yarder.]
9/21   W 41-0    at Churchill Pros (AA), Pynchon Park, Springfield, Mass.  4,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Len Eshmont 55 yard run.]
9/28   W 17-10   at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  35,677 [10,000 climb over end zone fence illegally] [90 degree heat] [2nd qtr.- Redskins block punt (by Wee Willie Wilkin), Frank Filchock runs back loose ball 67 yards to tie it at 7 for Redskins.][Ward Cuff misses 52 yard FG attempt; Sammy Baugh quick kicks of 80 and 82 yards. Giants Marion Pugh to Andy Marefos to Vince Dennery (lateral) 65 yards for TD.] 
10/5   W 37-10   at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  13,458  [formerly Philadelphia Eagls; swap teams][Giants score last 27 points. 3-3 1st half. Buff Donelli coached Steelers only for this game. Steelers Boyd Brumbaugh to Walt Kichefski 72 yard pass play for TD. With PAT tied at 10. Giants score Marion “Cowboy” Pugh pass play to Howie Yeager, 53 yards and TD. Giants Francis Reagan 2 TDs.]
10/12  W 16-0       Philadelphia Eagles PG  35,842 [Joe DiMaggio threw out the first ball. Giants had 5 fumbles and 7 penalties for 100 yards. Eagles Len “Feets” Barnum tried a quick kick from under his goal posts. Giant guard Bill Edwards blocked the punt, Johnny Mellus recovers the ball for Giants, struggles to the two, while being tackled he lateralled to Jim Poole who went in for the TD. Andy Marefos, the “Galloping Gael” from St. Mary's 38 yard FG. Ward Cuff short on 54 yard FG attempt. Howie Yeager in a “fancy hipper-dipper play” 39 yds on naked reverse for TD. Red McClain intercepted a lateral running it back 53 yards to the 17. Marefos tried the “famous St. Mary's forward-fumble” but the ball went out inches short of a first.]
10/19  W 28-7       Pittsburgh Steelers PG  24,604 [7-7 at half. Giants 1st TD when Frank “Ice House” Cope blocks Cloey McDonough's punt the ball bouncing off Cope twoards the ned zone. Cope “had all the speed and grace of an ice-house as he lumbered after the ball” eventually falling on it for the score. Steelers TD Boyd Brumbaugh to Don Looney 66 yard pass play for TD. Len Eshmont seeming 80 yard TD punt return but he had stepped out at the Steeler 46; Tuffy Leemans eventually 2 yard TD; Marefos from the 6 inch line for TD; Giant Len Younce 17 yards with interception to the 3, Frank Reagan 3 yards for TD; Dick Riffle, Steeler ran 54 yards off a fake pass, more thanm half Pittsburghs rushng total. Marefos 3 PATs, Cuff 1 PAT.] 
10/26  L 13-16   at Brooklyn Dodger, Ebbets Field  28,675 
11/2   L  7-10      Chicago Cardinals PG  29,289 [Cards Jack Clement 13 of 23, 200 yards; 30 yard reverse by Ward Cuff set up Giant Td in 1st qtr., to the foot line, Tuffy Leemans going over for score, Ward PAT; an "in effect" 94 yard drive by Cardinals, in the middle was a Giant interception of Clement's pass by Kayo Lunday soon followed by Card tackle Bill Davis' block of Giant George Franck's punt. Bob Morrow finally on a short score. Bill Daddio kicked the point after for the tie. Daddio's 16 yard field goal for the winning points. Giant's Len Eshmont 79 punt return yards in 1st quarter.] 
11/9   W 20-13      Detroit Lions PG  27,875  [Jim Poole blocks punt; Tuffy Leemans 42 yard TD pass play to Jim Lee Howell. Andy Marefos 11 yard FG for Giants. Lions Ned Mathews 50 yard kick return. Lions 166 yards on kick-off returns. Steve Belichick 8 yd. TD run for Lions- he had been equipment manager 3 weeks ago and said he could run better than the Detroit runners...Ward Cuff 22 yd FG; Leemans 2 yd TD; Whizzer White's 70 yard out-of-bounds punt at the Giants 11 wiped out by a 15 yard penalty against Lions.]
11/16  W 49-14      Cleveland Rams PG  32,740 [Ward Cuff passes Ken Strong's points total of 194 with 197 after game. George Franck 38 yard punt return to 11 (Ram Parker Hunt punt), followed by 11 yard TD run. Ram's Parker Hall 41 yard bootleg to 26, then 26 yd. TD pass to Red Hickey. Tuffy Leemans “full spinner” for 11 yard TD run. Ed Danowski 6 yd. TD pass to Howie Yeager. With score 21-7, “...the most spectacular manoevre of the game. Danowski faded so deep that his long pass to Yeager was caught almost on the line of scrimmage. The Santa Barbra youngster really took off, danced a fandango, a rumba and a slow waltz. He dodged in and out as Giant blockers chopped down every one in sight. Jim Lee Howell, a great end, tossed the key block, and Yeager went 65 yards for the touchdown.” (Arthur Daley, N.Y. Times). Giant Doug Oldershaw 30 yard interception return TD. Tuffy Leemans 44 yard pass play TD to Franck. Red McClain scored Giants last TD. Rams used 8 and 9 man defensive lines; Leemans 6 of 7, 117 yards, Danowski 4 of 6, 81 yards. Parker Hall of Rams 10 of 22 for 102 yards and 104 yards rushing. Rams gained only 317 yards total (Giants 385). Kay Eakin of Giants 82 yard punt, only one bounce and out of bounds. Ward Cuff 5 PATs, also PATS for Giants: Hank Soar and Marefo 1 each.]
11/23  W 20-13      Washington Redskins PG  49,317  [All points scored in 2nd half, 23 in 4th quarter, 13 by Washington....Giants score 10 points in 53 seconds for final score. Ward Cuff 38 yd. FG, Jim Poole interception of Sammy Baugh, George Franck 7 yd. TD run. In first half Hank Soar intercepts Baugh in end zone. Mel Hein direct snap to George Franck who runs in for TD from 2 in 3rd qtr.] 
12/7   L  7-21      Brooklyn Dodgers PG  55,051 [Pearl Harbor Day][Tuffy Leemans Day]
    •Championship Game•
12/21  L  9-37   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  13,341  [Bears trailed 6-3 1st quarter, led 9-6 at half, was tied 9-9 in 3rd...Last point of game was drop-kicked extra point by Ray McLean of Bears, only drop kick of season.]
•All-Star Game, at the Polo Grounds•
1/4    Chicago Bears W 35 - 24 L National Football League All-Stars  17,725 [Charity Exhibition]

1942 7-6-1 (5-5-1, 3rd Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens; Training Camp: Superior, Wisc.
8/30   W 17-14      Cleveland Rams, at Akron Rubber Bowl, Oh.  18,073 [Pre-Season]
9/12   L  0-16      Eastern All-Army All-Stars PG  40,000  (non lg.) [Benefit Exhibition Game] [Giants' only penalty, 5 yards for delay of game at end of game.]
9/19   W 10-7       Western All-Army All-Stars, at Archbold Stadium, U. of Syracuse  (night) 35,000 (non lg.) [Charity Exhibition] [Army's Owen Goodnight 93 yard interception return for TD]
9/27   W 14-7    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  34,700 [Giants make no 1st downs. Only 1 yard rushing.] [upset] [Tuffy Leemans 50 yard pass to Will Walls, touchdown in 1st 2 minutes of game. O'Neale Adams interception & 65 yard return for TD.]
10/4   L 10-13      Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  10,000 ("almost 10,000") [upset] [Up 10-6, Giants at their own 1, Johnny Chickerneo punted 60 yards but it was called back for delay of game penalty, the next punt was returned to the 35, 8 plays later Pittsburgh had the score and winning pts.. Ward Cuff missed two 48 yd. FGs, the last would have tied  the game near the end.j
10/11  W 35-17      Philadelphia Eagles PG  28,264 [Will Walls 74 yard fumble recovery return to 17. 7 Eagle fumbles. Giant Bill Hutchinson punts to Ernie Steel of Eagles who runs it back 62 yards and was tackled at the 6 by Hutchinson. Hank Soar “variety” point after.]
10/18  L  7-26   at Chicago Bears  32,000 [Bear Harry Clark returns opening kickoff 62 yards. Frank Mazbicki trys 44 yard FG at beginning of 4th quarter; It was blocked, picked up by Frank Liebel of Giants who went to Bears 25 but hit hard he fumbles, Bears Hampton Pool recovering. Sid Luckman to Pool 52 yard TD play.]
10/25  L  7-17   at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  23,244
11/1   L  9-17      Pittsburgh Steelers PG  19,346 [Steeler Bill Dudley 65 yard TD run with less than a minute to go. Steeler Curt Sandig 64 yard punt return for TD, 2nd qtr..] 
11/8   W 14-0    at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  13,548 [Tommy Thompson of Eagles 12 of 25, 208 yds.; Hank Soar 49 yd. run.]
11/15  L  7-14      Washington Redskins PG  30,879 [“Anvil” Andy Farkas, Eagles, took opening 2nd half kick-off returning it 95 yards untouched for a touchdown and 1st score of game. This after Ward Cuff;s initial kick where Farkas was tackled at the 15 was called back for an offsides penalty. Slingin' Sammy Baugh played 60 minutes, 19 of 26 passes for 211 yards. Redskins band and fans not at game, government transportation authorities kept them in Washington. Farkas also one yard lunge TD. Giants score on 4th down from 16, Tuffy Leemans to O'Neale in left flank of end zone. Washington 6 times inside the 20 in 1st half, don't score. Hank Soar punts.]
11/22  T 21-21      Green Bay Packers PG  30,246 [Packers Cecil Isbell passes to Don Hutson 13 times in game, including for two touchdowns. Hutson (“the Alabama Antelope”) 14 receptions in all for 134 yards. Isbell 22 of 37, 215 yards. Giants Andy Marefos “spun an artful toss” to Will Walls 60 yard pass play for TD, key block by Don Lieberum. Ward Cuff intercepts pass to Hutson in end zone, runs back to 45. Giants' Merle Hapes 9 yard punt from Packers' 34...Don Hutson 5 tackles, first ever against Giants and 3 PATs, 17 pts.]
11/29  W 21-7       Chicago Cardinals PG  20,354 [Cards Bub Schwenk 23 for 42 passes, 222 yards. Hank Soar of Giants first punts ever, 50 and 57 yard punts; Giants 71 yard pint to Cardinal 9.]
12/6   W 10-0       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  27,449  [Mel Hein's last game. Last play stops Condit at the 2 as gun sounds.]

1943 10-4-1 (6-3-1, 1st (tie), Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens;  Training Camp: Bear Mountain
9/5    L 28-42      Chicago Bears, Civic Stadium, Buffalo, NY  16,970 [Pre-Season] [Bill Paschal 99 yard kickoff return TD for Giants.]
9/8    W 19-0    at Sampson Naval Training Station (NY)  13,000  (non lg.) [Pre-Season Exhibition Game]
9/12   W 21-14      Detroit Lions, at the Rubber Bowl, Akron, Oh.  11,000  [Pre-Season] [Len Younce intercepts Ned Mathews pass and returns to the 1 with 4 minutes to go. Carl Kinscherf 2 rushing TDs, Bill Paschal the other. Lions Chuck Fenebock retyrned Ward Cuff's kick-off 100 yards for touchdown.]
9/22   W 14-12   at Columbia University, Baker Field  Scrimmage
9/26   W 19-0    at Camp Lee All-Stars (Va.), Lee Field  12,000
10/3  postponed  at Washington Redskins  [Postponed because Griffith Stadium not available 10/3 and the US Navy won't let Municipal Stadium in Baltimore be used, so game resheduled to 12/12.]
10/9   L 14-28   at Philadelphia-Pittsburg Steagles, at Philadelphia  (night) 15,340  [Mel Hein back, he had taken job as head coach at Union College, but due too war they suspended football.][Giants score 14 in 1st 4 minutes, Steagles get three TDs in 4th quarter. Len Younce TD on 27 yd. interception return for Giants, & Charlie Avedsian blocks a Steagles Hinkle quick-kick, recovering on the 1. Final Steagle score on 91 yard pass interception return by Ernie Steele. 
10/17  W 20-0    at Brooklyn Dodgers, Ebbets Field  18,361
10/24  W 42-14      Phil-Pitt Steagles PG  42,681  [2 blocked punts by Frank Cope of Giants of Roy Zimmerman's and Jack Hinkle kicks.; one run back 34 yds. by O'Neale Adams. Ward Cuff 6 PATs; Big Al Blozis 35 yard return TD with other blocked punt. At end of game, Steagles' Allie Sherman two TD screen passes to Ben Kish, the second fumbled into end zone recovered by Al Wukits for Steagles last score. Onside kick between these scores.]
10/31  L 21-35      Green Bay Packers PG  46,208 [21-21 with 4 minutes to go. Tony Canadeo (the “Gray Ghost of Gonzaga”) of the Pack 12 of 18, 173 yards, 2 for TDs, plus TD catch, 12 yards from Andy Uram, as well as a 35 yard rushing TD. Don Hutson, caught 7 passes, 2 for TDs, and on an end-around stopped and threw a 38 yard TD pass to Harry Jacunski. Bill Paschal 3 TDs for Giants.] ds in 4th quarter.]
11/7   T  0-0    at Detroit Lions  16,992 [Mel Hein intercepts Bill Calihan, returns 31 yards to the 20, 3rd qtr., Ward Cuff wide on 15 yard FG attempt. Lions Augie Leo missed from 32 and 42 yards and from 15 yards in 4th quarter.]
11/14  L  7-56      Chicago Bears PG  56,681  [Sid Luckman NFL record 7 TD passes in one game, 453 yards (23 of 30) was also record as was Bob Snyder's 8 point after TDs (old- 7, Riley Smith, Boston Redskins in 1937). Bears 508 total passing yards a record (old record 423 1942 Packers). 702 total yards gained for Bears. Attendance was also a record (Regular season game).Bronko Nagurski played defense for Bears. ]
11/21  W 24-13      Chicago Cardinals PG  19,804 [Ward Cuff 45 yard FG, longest in league in 1943. Ward Cuff 5 yard TD run, and 65 yard run to the 5. Tuffy Leemans 13 of 22, 147 yards and 2 TD passes, 30 yds. to O'Neale Adams & 23 yds. to Frank Liebel. Hank Soar starred, weekend off from the Army at Fort Devins. Washington beat Bears same day to take 3 game lead with 3 games left.]
11/28  W 24-7       Brooklyn Dodgers PG  28,706
12/5   W 14-10      Washington Redskins PG  51,308 [Paschal 53 yard TD run with less than 5 minutes to go; Bill Paschal 188 yards rushing in 24 carries; Giants trailed 10-0.]
12/12  W 31-7    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  35,504 [Sammy Baugh 16 of 28, 253 yards, 5 interceptions and 1 TD. Sammy Baugh 73 yard quick-kick in 1st quarter; Washinton led 7-0 in 2nd quarter. Giant Frank Cope blocks kick by Baugh, 22 yards the ball went into the endzone where Steve Pritko landed on it fro 1st Giant TD. Giant Emery Nix 75 yard pass play TD to Frank Liebel. Ward Cuff v20 yard rushing TD, 18 yard FG from hard angle and 4 PATs. Nix to Will Walls 33 yard TD pass play after Dave Brown interception.] 
    •Eastern Division Tie-Breaker Playoff•
12/19  L  0-28      Washington Redskins PG  42,800 [Sammy Baugh 16 of 21, 199 yards, 2 interceptions, 1 TD as well as setting up a TD with his interception and 38 yard return. Giants gain only 98 yards in game. Tuffy Leemans 4 of 20, 57 yards. Redskin Clyde Shugart blocks Len Younce's first punt in 1st period. Sammy Baugh 2 interceptions of Giant passes and a 65 yard quick-kick.]

1944 9-5-1 (8-1-1, 1st Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens, also coaching  Training camp: Bear Mountain
9/8    Intrasquad Game: Blues (veterans) 25-12 Reds (rookies), at Camp Shanks, N.Y. to a large turnout of service men. [Howard Livingston 52 yard run; Reds tie game at 12 at half on a Johnny Weiss interception of Arnie Herber for a 100 yard interception return. Bill Piccolo interception, lateral to John Yockers for TD]
9/13   W 13-0    at Sampson Bluejackets (Navy Base) (NY)
9/17   L 10-20      Chicago Bears, at Buffalo War Memorial Stadium  20,981  [Pre-Season]
9/23   L  0-23      Detroit Lions, at University of Detroit Stadium  (night) 9,988 {Pre-Season}
10/1   L 16-17   at Chicago-Pittsburgh Car-Pitts (Cards-Pittsburgh) (“Carpets”), at Pittsburgh  [Pre-Season] [Merger of Chicago Cardinals & Pittsburgh Steelers for 1944.]  [On Oct. 20, the N.Y. Times said that Giants lost 3 exhibition games to league foes.][This team was not called the Card-Pitts]
10/8   W 22-10   at Boston Yanks, Fenway Park  17,404
10/15  W 14-7    at Brooklyn Tigers, Ebbets Field [Were Dodgers]  25,854
10/22  W 23-0       Chicago-Pittsburgh Carpitts PG  40,734  [Car-Pitts are a T-formation team, Giants' defense had to learn this type of game, the “Mystery”.][Bill Paschal, on leave from Maritime Service for game, scores 3 TDs]
10/29  L 17-24      Philadelphia Eagles PG  43,639  [Giants blow 17-3 lead; Bill Paschal 68 yard TD run; Giants score on 72 yard play: Giant Len Younce punts to Ernie Steele of Eagles who fumbled, O'Neal Adams sent him sprawling, Frank Liebel of Giants recovers at 20 goes in to score.] 
11/5   W 31-0       Boston Yanks PG 28,634 {Len Calliagaro TD with “goal post assist”...66 yard TD run by Bill Petrilas; 40 yard pass for TD off fumble by Joe Sulaitis- O'Neale Adams, Giants end jump for ball along with Yanks' Bob Davis, officials say ball touched Davis before bouncing to Ward Cuff in the end zone. Ken Strong 7 points.]
11/12  T 21-21   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  33,248  [Dragged out of retirement, Arnie Herber throws two TD passes. Steve Van Buren 97 yard kickoff return touchdown.  Ken Strong kicks 43 yard FG that would have won game but Giants penalized for delay of game. Strong's 50 yard attempt was blocked. Coach Steve Owens fuming...After ball was moved from 20 to 35 because runner stepped out of bounds, clock had started at placing of ball at 20, the Giants kicked with no huddle, and on count of two. Owens also claimed that EAgles put soft ball in play that had to be changed before the kick.]
11/19  W 24-0       Green Bay Packers PG 56,481 [Howie Livingston, rookie out of Fullerton Junior College limits league leading receiver to 4 catches for 31 yards and had interception and 41 yard TD return.]
11/26  W  7-0       Brooklyn Tigers PG  29,387
12/3   W 16-13      Washington Redskins PG  47,457 [Sammy Baugh 25 for 35 passes complete, 273 yds. and interception (by Howie Livingston setting up winning TD) for Redskins.]
12/10  W 31-0    at Washington Redskins, at Griffith Stadium  35,540 [Giants avoid tie breaker playoff]
    •Championship Game•
12/17  L  7-14      Green Bay Packers PG  46,016 [Record playoff crowd.]

1945 4-9-1 (3-6-1, 3rd (tie) Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens  Training Camp: Bear Mountain
9/14   L 23-38   at Cleveland Rams, Municipal Stadium  (night) 13,656 [pre-Season] [Bob Waterfield 3 TD passes, FG  and 4 PATs.]
9/18   L  3-14      Boston Yanks, Manning Bowl, Lynn, Mass.  (night) 8,000  [Charity Pre-Season]
9/23   L 13-14      Chicago Bears, Civic Stadium, Buffalo, NY  11.947 [Pre-Season][Giants block Johnny Long's quick kick , Marion Pugh recovers runs and laterals to Mike Klotovich for 13 yards and TD. Giant PAT at end blocked because tehy only had 10 men on field.]
9/30   W 21-0       Camp Lee Travelers, Schools Stadium, Newark, NJ  20,000  (non lg.) [Charity Pre-Season]
10/7   W 34-6    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  20,097  [Giants 28 points in 2nd quarter, 3 in 35 seconds, last TD on Bill Piccolo's 7 yard fumble recovery TD.. Arnie Herber 6 for 6, 141 yards and 3 TDs]
10/14  T 13-13   at Brooklyn-Boston Yanks, Yankee Stadium  33,113  [Brooklyn-Boston Yanks were a one year merger of Brooklyn Dodgers with Boston Yanks, this was their only game in New York..][Game tied on Ken Strong 38 yd. FG.]
10/21  L  7-21      Pittsburgh Steelers PG  43,070
10/28  L 14-24      Washington Redskins PG  55,461  [Sammy Baugh 19 of 23 passes complete, 231 yards.]
11/4   L 17-21      Cleveland Rams PG  46,219 [Giant Bill Paschal on loan from 1st Army AF, Mitchel Field, 77 yard TD run. Ken Strong 45 yard FG.]
11/11  L 17-38      Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  30.047 [Steve Van Buren 129 yards on 19 carries and two TDs. Roy Zimmerman (Eagles) pass to Jack Ferrante 64 yards, first play after kickoff for TD after 54 seconds of game.]
11/18  W 35-14      Detroit Lions PG  38,830 [upset] [John “Junior” Hovious throws for 3 TDs for NY, one to Frank Liebel 53 yards. Hold Lions to 60 yards gained.
11/25  L 14-23      Green Bay Packers PG  52,681
12/2   W 28-21      Philadelphia Eagles PG  45,372
12/9   L  0-17   at Washington Redskins  34,788

1946 10-4-1 (7-3-1, 1st Eastern Division NFL)  Coach- “Stout” Steve Owens
9/1    L  0-19   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  32,367  [Pre-Season Benefit]
9/6    W 22-20      Detroit Lions, Civic Stadium, Buffalo  (night) 10,941  [Pre Season] [Lions' Bill DeCorrevont 49 yd. punt return TD.]
9/12   W 28-7    at Jersey City Giants (APFL), Roosevelt Stadium  (night) 15,211 (non lg.) [Pre-Season]
9/20   no game      Eastern College All-Stars PG  [canceled in Spring due to lack of probable college talent for game.]
9/20   W 35-21      Green Bay Packers PG  (night) 48,017  [Charity Exhibition]
9/30  postponed  at Boston Yanks, Braves Field  (night)  [rain]
10/1   W 17-0    at Boston Yanks, Braves Field  (night) 16,500 [Yanks' Jim Gillette 50 yard punt return]
10/6   W 17-14   at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  33,702 [Frankie Filchock 70 yard TD run.]
10/13  L 14-24   at Washington Redskins  33,651
10/20  W 28-24      Chicago Cardinals PG   50,681 [Giants score 2 TDs and Cards 1 TD in less than 3 minutes in 4th qtr.. The middle TD of these by the Cardinals was a record (at time) 105 yard kickoff return for TD off Ken Strong kick, (broke record 102 yds return Doug Russell 1934 Cardinals v. Cincinnati.), 45 seconds layet Frankie Filchock (18 of 27, 294 yds) to Frank Liebel to Howie Livingston (with lateral from Liebel while tackled at the 5 yard line) 55 yard TD pass for last score. Cards' Paul Christman 63 yard pass to Malcolm Kutner.]
10/27  W 14-0       Chicago Bears PG 62,359 (50,000 sent away) [upset][Bears 382 yards gained.][Giants 5 interceptions off Sid Luckman, 3 by Frank Liebel. Liebel also had Td pass reception 3 yards from Frank Filchock.]
11/3   L 14-24   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  40,059 [Record Shibe park crowd.][Guard Augie Lio 28 yard FG for Eagles. Vic Sears, Eagle, blocked Merle Hapes' quick-kick, Lio recoverd for TD, Jim White recovers blocked kick in end zone for TD for Giants. Steve Van Buren 2 TD runs and a TD pass for Philadelphia.]
11/10  W 45-17      Philadelphia Eagles PG  60,784 [Eagles had 10-0 lead after 5 minutes of game (Augie Leo 36-yd. FG & 54 yard interception return TD by Gil Steinke off a Filchock pass); Allie Sherman (Brooklyn College) TD pass for Eagles. Ken Strong's opening kick-off returned by Steve Van Buren 65 yads to the 35. Filchock only 2 of 11 but both for scores, two TD passes to Jim Poole, and 3 interceptions. Giants make 251 yards rushing. Giants lose 109 yards on penalties, the eagles 82. 17 penalties in all.]
[11/11 Basketball game: New York Giants 1-1 Original Celtics (Exhibition game at halftime of B.A.A. game- Chicago Stags 78-68 New York Knickerbockers (In overtime, first overtime game in the Basketball Association of America), Madison Square Garden  17,205]
11/17  T 28-28      Boston Yanks PG  35,583 [Yanks score 14 to tie in 4th quarter, first non-loss of season. Paul Governeli of Boston ten completions for 122 yards and 1 rushing TD, 2 TD passes, both to Harold Crisler (San José State). Giants score first at beginning, Frank Filchock to Frank Liebel 57 yard TD pass play.]
11/24  W  7-0       Pittsburgh Steelers PG  45,347 [Ken Strong Day][Howie Livingston's 57 yard TD run ona “perfection” play caled back for offsides penalty. Limit Steeler's Bill Dudley, NFL leading rusher to 76 yards, and to just 3 of 9 completions for 32 yards. Bill Paschal TD run 4 yards.]
12/1   L 21-31      Los Angeles Rams PG  47,366  [formerly Cleveland Rams][Lanky Bob Waterfield 22 of 29, 312 yaards, 3 TD passes for Rams; two to Jim Benton, just 2 of his 12 receptions. Waterfield also had a 15 yard field goal and 4 PAT kicks. Giant Bill Paschal 54 yard kick-off return off Bob DeLaure's kick. Giant's Frank Reagan 52 yard TD run, Frank Filchock 2 TD passes. Ram's Bob Shaw scored a touchdown on a 51 ard run-back of Ken Strong's onside kick.]  
12/8   W 31-0       Washington Redskins PG 60,337 (61,800 actually) [Secretary of State James F. Byrnes attends game. Ken Strong 18 yard FG & 4 PATs for 319 career points with Giants, ties Ward Cuff (now traded) for all-time Giant lead. Needed tie to clinch Eastern Div. title (16 TD, 34 FG, 121 exra points), Strong ater game had 55 straight PATs. Flingin' Frankie Filchock, 6 years Sammy Baugh's understudy on the Redskins, was 9 of 14 for two TDs (one was 33 yds. to George Franck), and an interception of Baugh at the Giant 4 in 1st quarter, 19 yd. return,  led to first TD. Steve Filipowicz interception and 31 yard TD run. Baugh 12 of 20 compltions. Tickets for the championship went on sale at the Basball Giants offices at 104 West 42nd St; $6 for box seats, $4 for reserved seats and bleacher streets for $1.25.]
    •Championship Game•
12/15  L 14-24      Chicago Bears PG  58,346 [Record $282,955 ticket receipts. Record playoff crowd.][Bears win 7th NFL Championship. Bears score 14 in first 8 minutes, Giants catch up, Chicago goes ahead in 4th on 19 yard Sid Luckman bootleg. “Flingin' Frankie” Filchock, playing with a broken nose, threw an interception to Dante Magnani for a 39 yard TD return, and tossed a 38 yard TD pass to Frank Liebel set up by 32 yarder to Jim Poole, and another 10 yard touchdown pass to Steve Filipowicz. Later at end trying to come back, Filchock was intercepted by Sid Luckman, one of 6 interceptions of Filchock passes. Ken Strong two PATs give him 321 career points, passing Ward Cuff's 319 (now on Chicago Cardinals) for highest Giant career scorer at time. Filchock to Filipowicz 36 yard pass play almost breakway for lead. Backup punter Howie Livingston's 16 yard punt set up first Chicago score, Jim Lee Howell's fumble recovery set up Luckman's. Winner's share: $1,975.82, loser's share: $1,295.57]  [There was a try at fixing this game. Revealed before game. Gambler Alvin J. Paris attempted to fix the championship game by offering bribes to fullback Merle Hapes and Frank Filchock of the Giants. Wiretaps recorded his phone conversations with his stepfather Eddie Ginsburg, a bookmaker in Elizabeth, N.J.; Filchock lied to Mayor O'Dwyer the evening of the game about the money and, unlike Hapes, was allowed to play and star in the game and made $750, the amount players receive for a league game, and the loser's share of $1,000. Hapes got nothing, having been banned from the game by When NFL Commissioner Bert Bell. The reason Hapes had not told either the mayor or coach Steve Owens was that he didn't want to endanger Paris' off of a post-season job as a salesman for his metal novelties business. Paris had been taking the two players about town, providing them with attreactive girl companions, taking the two and their wives to dinner at the expensive Studio Club in Westchester, the Carnival, the Martinique and the Copacabana; cocktail parties at Paris' combination metal novelties showroom and apartment at 56 West Fifty-sixth St. Companions at these all night “gay rounds” were part time film actress Ida McGuire, a Betty Bartholomew and a certain Emmy Lou. On the stand he was asked why he didn't tell Paris that the Giants being an underdog would lose any fix, he denied he wouldn't have bet on the Giants. the offer was $2,500 each to throw the game. Neither had accepted bribes. Filchock told him “no soap.” State General Sessions Court was packed, hundreds sent away. This was the story of the Christmas season and beyond. The prosecutor received a phone threat, death if paris convicted. Three of 4 gamblers went to jail; Harvey Stemmer and David Krakower received sentences of 5 to 10 years,. They took the case all the way to the Supreme Court, the convictions upheld in a 4-4 decision (Justice Jackson sat out the case). The petitioners had appealed invoking Section 605 of the Federal Communications Act, & a previous decision in Nardone v. The United States. Frank S. Hogan, D.A. of New York City argued against the appeals. "Despite the tie vote and also that the court refrained from writing opinions of the law, the case was considered a landmark in wiretapping cases which would tend to increase the use of wiretapping..." Paris turned state's evidence, getting just one year in jail; Informer Paris' life was threatened at Rikers Island, so he was moved to the Tombs;  Hapes and Filchock were banned from the professional football in the United States. Frank Filchock continued playing, after a brief suspension there, in Canada beginning in 1947 for the Hamilton Tigers; In 1948 he won the Imperial Oil Trophy as the outstanding player in the Ontario Rugby Football Union, the first time two Americans won this award 2 years in a row, Bob Paffrath (Minn.) of the Ottawa Roughriders won it 1947; His team went 9-0, he completed 83 of 129 passes. In 1949 Filchock signed with the Montreal Alouettes of the Interprovincial Football Union, the same year that Merle Hapes returned to football with the Hamilton Tigers. An All-Star three years straight, Filchock led the Alouettes to the Canadian football champiosnhip 11/26/1949 28-15 over the Calgary Stampeders (at Toronto  20,100). Calgary QB was Keith Spaith of the US who had played for the Honolulu Warriors the previous year. Filchock's expulsion was lifted by Commissioner Bell for the 1950 season, and signed with the Baltimore Colts who cut him 3 weeks later. Replacing Filchock as captain of the Alouettes was Herb Trawick from Kentucky State, the first Black organized professional football captain. As coach in 1952, Filchock led the Edmonton Eskimos of the Western Interprovisional Football Union to its first Grey Cup in 30 years, but left in a contract dispute; Hapes was reinstated to the N.F.L., December, 1954, who was a assistant coach for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. (Filchock threw a 99 yard touchdown pass play to Andy Farkas for the Washington Redskins against the Pittsburgh Pirates 10/15/1939. Tied but never broken...George Izo, Redskins 1963, Karl Sweetan to Pat Studstill, Lions 1966, etc.) Filchock coached the Saskatchewan Roughriders 1953-1957, the Sarnia Golden Bears in the Senior Ontario Rugby Football Union, 1958 (another championship), asst. coach Calgary Stampeders 1959. First head coach of Denver Broncos of A.F.L. 1960-1961.]

1947 5-10-2 (2-8-2, 5th (last) Eastern Division NFL)  Coach: Stout Steve Owens  Training Camp: Superior, Wisconsin
8/23   L 14-17   at Green Bay Packers  (night) 15,000 [Pre-Season] [98° temperatures during game]     
9/3    W 21-0       Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 52,102  (non lg.) [Pre-Season Benefit] [Giants first score on bad center pass to All-Star punter Ed Allen (Penn) 20 yards into end zone, recovered by Jim White for TD. Last appearances (it was assumed) for Doc Blanchard and Glenn Davis of Army.]
9/10   L 21-52   at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  (night) 39,850 [Pre-Season] [Cards' Charlie Trippi runs of 71 yards and 65 yards, the last for TD; one other run for 2 yards.; Cards' Bill De Correvont 72 yard TD run; 
9/17   W 30-3       Los Angeles Rams PG  (night) 28,834 (non-lg.)[Charity Pre-Season] [50 yard Giant TD pass Jerry Niles to George Franck.]
9/23   W 21-0    at Jersey City Giants (APFL), Roosevelt Stadium  (night) 3,000 (non lg.) [Exhibition Game] [Jerry Niles TD passes of 62 and 50 yards, both to George “Sonny” Franck; Dave Brown 40 yard punt return.]
9/29   T  7-7    at Boston Yanks, Fenway Park  (night) 21,905 [Giants Jerry Niles 68 yard TD pass to George Franck. Boston QB Paul Governali TD pass.]
10/5   L  0-23   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  29,823 [Giants' first play from scrimmage, center Chet Gladchuck snaps ball past tailback (in single wing) Chet Gladchuck 21 yards from own end zone, recovered by Joe Muha of Eagles in end zone for TD after George Franck of Giants couldn't hold on to ball at the 2.]
10/12  L 20-28   at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  36,533 [Redskin Eddie Saenz 94 yard return of kickoff for TD. Sammy Baugh to Saenz 74 yard TD pass. Baugh 2 TD sneaks.]
10/19  L  0-14      Boston Yanks PG  37,144 [Paul Governali 2 TD passes, one 78 yard play to Don Currivan. Governalli traded to Giants later in week for Bill Paschall and future rights to  George Connor, Notre Dame.]
10/26  L 21-38      Pittsburgh Steelers PG  41,736 [Steeler Johnny Clement 58 yard TD pass play to Bill Garnaas, and Steeler Frank Sinkovitz 47 yard interception return TD.]
11/2   L  7-35   at Detroit Lions, at Briggs Stadium  28,812 [Giants stopped twice on goal line 1st 10 minutes of game.]
11/9   L 24-41      Philadelphia Eagles PG  29,016[Giant Paul Governali 16 of 35, 354 yards..]
11/16  L  7-24   at Pittsburgh Steelers  35,000 [Steelers score 3 TDs in one minute, 48 seconds of 4th quarter, beginning with 3:23 left.]
11/23  T 24-24      Green Bay Packers PG  27,989
11/30  W 35-31      Chicago Cardinals PG  28,744 [Giant Paul Governali 2 TD passes, 2 TD runs. Steeler Vince Banonis 80 yard TD return of George Franck fumble; Paul Christman to Mel Kutner 70 TD paSS play.]
12/7   W 35-10      Washington Redskins PG  25,584 [Governali 4 TD passes, backup QB Art Faircloth, rookie from Jersey City, TD pass.]
12/14  L 10-34   at Los Angeles Rams  24,000 [Rams Mel Bleeker intercepts George Cheverko pass, 35 yd. TD return; Fred Gehrke emergency placekicker for Rams also 64 yard punt return for TD. Tom Harmon announces retirement to go into radio.]

1948 5-10-0 (4-8-0, 3rd (tie) Eastern Division NFL)  Coach- Steve Owens  Training camp: Superior, Wisconsin
8/29   L  0-7       Green Bay Packers, at Nicolet Park, Minneapolis, Minn.  13,091 [Pre-eason] [Ralph “Scooter” Earhart 43 yard run for TD]
9/7    L 20-23   at Detroit Lions, Atwood Stadium, Flint, Mich.  (night) 8,500  [Pre-Season] [Giants George Cheverko TD on 81 yard interception return of Clyde Leforce pass; Lions' get safety on bad center snap from center recovered by Choo Choo Roberts and Chuck Deshane tackled him in end zone; Emlen Tunnel 41 yard run] 
9/14   W 17-7       Chicago Bears PG  (night) 32,537  [Charity Pre-Season Game] [upset; Paul Governali 54 yard pass to Bill Swiacki; George Cheverko interception of Johnny Lujack and a lateral to John Cannaday for 28 yard interception return TD.]
9/23   W 27-7    at Boston Yanks, Fenway Park  (night) 7,428 [Giants Charlie Conerly 66 yard TD pass play, to George Cheverko who later lateraled to Carl Fennema; also Connerly to Bill Swiacki 65 yard pass TD play. These were his only two passes of the game; Paul Governali 24 yard TD pass to Swiacki.] 
10/3   L 10-41   at Washington Redskins, Griffith  32,593 [Sammy baugh 16 of 24, 269 yards, including 86 yard TD play completion to Dan Sandifer.]
10/10  L  0-45   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  22,804
10/17  L 35-63      Chicago Cardinals PG  35,342  [Record one game total point total at time. Cards Pat Harder record 9 PATs in game, and in first minute of game, Harder had a 71 yard TD run.. 14 TDs also record. Cards ray Malhouf 14 of 18, 256 yards and 4 TDs. ] 
10/24  W 34-27      Pittsburgh Steelers PG  13,443 [Giant 84 yard TD return of kickoff, 29 yds. by George Cheverko, after lateral 55 yards by Jim White. Steeler Frank Sinkovitz 65 yard interception TD return on pass by Charlie Conerly.]
10/31  L 14-35   at Chicago Bears  41,608, Wrigley Field [Bears Moon Mullins 74 yard touchdown on a run.]
11/7   L 14-35      Philadelphia Eagles PG  24,903
11/14  L 37-52      Los Angeles Rams PG  22,766 [4 touchdowns (3 by Giants) scored in 3 minutes, 24 seconds of game time. Rams Bob Waterfield 2 TD passes, 7 PATs and a 26 yd. FG. Rams 68 yd. TD pla: Jum Hardy pass to Howrd Hickey, lateral to Les Horvath. Giant George Chevenko 30 fumble revovery return TD. Rans Then Scott 99 yard kick-off return for TD ]
11/21  W 49-3    at Green Bay Packers, at Milwaukke  12,639  [Charlie Conerly 3 TD passes (20 of 30, 306), 1 TD run. Giants 28 first downs. Giants Emlen Tunnel 43 yard interception return TD.]
11/28  W 28-14      Boston Yanks PG  19,636 [“Chuckin'” Chuck Conerly 2 TDs running, 2 TDs passing from A formation (15 of 27, 237), 1st use of T formation later a failure. 22 Giant penalties tied record. Boston outrushed 150 to 13, outpassed 227 to 98. Yanks' Ralph Heywood TD on 56 yard fumble return. Yanks Bob Hazlehurst excellent quick kick.]
12/5   L 28-38   at Pittsburgh Steelers  27,645 [Charlie Conerly sets new record for completions in game with 36 out of 53 attempts for 363 yards.  Steeler Td on Gonzales Morales, 36 yard return of fumble. Steelers George Papach 148 yds. rushing on 17 attempts.]
12/12  L 21-28      Washington Redskins PG  25,156 [Sammy Baugh 25 of 42, 354 yards, 3 TD passes; Charlie Conerly 23 of 41, 225 yards, 2 TD passes. Game won w/ 1:16 to play, Baugh to Hugh taylor 66 yard pass play TD, 150th TD pass of baugh's career.]

1949 6-11-0 (6-6-0, 3rd Eastern Division NFL)  Coach- Steve Owens; Training camp: Saranac Lake, NY
8/24   L  7-14      Green Bay Packers, at Syracuse Archbold Stadium, NY  (night)  [Charity Pre-Season Exhibition Game] 
9/1    L 13-28      Eastern College All-Stars PG  (night) 32,094 [Pre-Season Benefit game] [Giants install T-formation][Giants have 3 TDs recalled due to penalties, one a Charlie Conerly to Ray Poole for 59 yards, a 2nd by Joe Scott, a 68 yard run. Gene Rossides (Columbia) QB for All-Stars.]
9/10   L 17-20   at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  32,560  [Pre-Season] [Rookie George Blanda kicks his second FG, 9 yd. from difficult angle with 1:30 left for win, also had two PATs and touchdown pass to George Gulyanics. Johnny Lujack hurt in game, Blanda and Sid Luckman do the signal calling.] 
9/14   L  7-14      Los Angeles Rams, Municipal (Rosenblatt) Stadium, Omaha, Nebr.  (night) 13,110  [Pre-Season]
9/18   L  6-21      Detroit Lions, at St. Paul, Minn.  [Pre-Season]
9/25   L  7-28   at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  20,957  [upset][Charlie Conerly outpasses 4 Steeler passes out of the Single Wing ]
9/30   W 38-14      New York Bulldogs PG  (night) 17,704  [Was Boston Yanks]
10/9   W 45-35   at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  30,073 [upset][Giants- 17 penalties for 177 yards; Gene “Chattanooga Choo-Choo” Roberts 3 TDs, including 64 yd. run on trap play; Ben Agajanian 40 yd. FG and 6 PATs. Charlie Conerly 3 TD passes.  Redskin Sammy Baugh 76 yd TD pass play to Hugh Taylor; Harry Gilmer 54 yd. pass to Rob Goode; Dick Poillon 5 PATs. Conerly 11 of 18 206 yds., Baugh 7 of 17 169 yds., Gilmer 9 of 21 166 yds.] 
10/16  L 17-21      Pittsburgh Steelers PG   29,911 [Silver Jubilee Game (25th Anniversary)][upset][Giants 17 points in 2nd qtr.. Up 17-7 at 7:15 of 3rd, Joe Scott took a handoff and as he entered the line, Steeler tackle Carl Samuelson took the ball away going 26 yards for a TD. Steeler Ray Mallouf 49 yard punt return from the 6. Nine 1925 Giants return to the Plo Grounds.]
10/23  W 35-28      Chicago Bears PG  38,587 [upset][Charlie Conerly to “Choo Choo” Roberts screen pass for 85 yard TD in 4th after Bears tie game w/ 5:20 to play.Bears throw 59 passes combined between Sid Luckman and Johnny Lujack, 34 completed for 354 yards. Giants throw 15 passes, Conerly completing 8 for 273 yds..  Emlin Tunnell 53 yard TD interception return off Lujack pass.Lujack 4 PATs and 2 TD passes. Conerly 4 TD passes, Roberts 3 TDs, Conerly 62 yards TD to Roberts. George Blanda kicks off into end zone. Bear Jim Keane 14 pass receptions tied Don Looney (Eagles) record in 1940.]  
10/30  W 41-38   at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  21,339 [Giants trail 28-7 at half, 38-34 deficit with 4 minutes left. Cardinals 308 yds.. Giant Jack Salscheider took 2nd half opening kickoff back 95 yards for TD. A little over aa minute later, Giants Frank Lovuolo 25 yard fumble return for TD.Giants final TD set up by Conerly to Roberts 68 yard pass.] 
11/6   L 24-31   at New York Bulldogs, Yankee Stadium  23,222
11/13  W 30-10   at Green Bay Packers, City Stadium  20,151 [Gene Conerly 4 TD passes, 15 of 29, 347 yards; Gene "Choo Choo Roberts 3 TD receptions. Packers' Ralph Earhart 57 yard punt return TD.]
11/20  L 21-45      Detroit Lions PG  21,338[Benefit Game]
11/27  W 23-7       Washington Redskins PG  12,985
12/4   L  3-24      Philadelphia Eagles PG  25,446
12/11  L  3-17   at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  21,022

1950 15-3-0 (10-2-0, 1st (tie) American Conference, NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens; Training camp: Saranac Lake & Bear Mountain
8/12   W 27-6    at Ottawa Rough Riders (Big Four), Lansdowne Park  15,000 (non league)[Pre-Season][Play Canadian rules 1st half (Giants led 13-6 at half), American rules 2nd half.][Coach Allie Sherman QBs in 1st half to get team moving. Tom Landry punts into end zone for a “rouge”; Ottawa's Bruce Cummings also kicks a rouge and makes a TD (5 points Canadian, a rouge is one point.)]
8/18   W 10-7       Chicago Bears, Archbold Stadium, Syracuse, NY  (night) 20,000 [Charity Pre-eason]
8/29   L  0-10      Green Bay Packers, Braves Field, Boston, Mass.  (night) 12,053  [Pre-Season]
9/7    W 24-14      Los Angeles Rams PG  (night) 37,355 [Charity Pre-Season] [Giant TD: Arnie Weinmaster hits Norm Van Brocklin atempting to pass at the Ram 42, and the QB fumbles; Giant Dave Beeman accidentally kicks the ball to the goal line where Ray Poole picks it up and runs in to score unopposed.]
9/10   W 41-7       New Jersey College All-Stars, Schools Stadium, Newark, NJ  2,000  (non league)[Pre-Season Game]
9/17   W 18-7    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  24,699 [Steeler Bobby Gage 74 yard quick-kick. Steeler 67 yard quick kick. Steeler Howard Hartley intercepted Charlie Conerly pass at 3 but stumbles in to end zone, tackled by Gene Roberts for safety. Tom McWilliams to Frank Rogel 63 yard pass play. Giants got two safeties. Also Steeler punter Joe Geri fumbles center pass and Giant Al De Rogatis recovered in end zone for TD. Steelers' Jim Finks pass intercepted by harmon Rowe on Giant 25, he gets to 32 and fumbles; Steeler Frank Wydo recovers the ball and fumbles it; Ray Poole recovers for Giants, goes 12 more yards and laterals to Tom Landry who goes 20 yards more for TD, an odd 75 yard interception return!]
9/23   W 42-7    at Bethlehem Bulldogs, Liberty Stadium (APFL) 2,900 (non lg.) [Exhibition game] [Charlie Connerly 80 yd, TD pass; rookie Travis Tidwell 2 TD passes.]
10/1   W  6-0    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  37,647 [upset][Browns shut out for first time in their history, from 1946 to present, in 67 AAFC games (59-4-3), and the first two in NFL in 1950. Giants' defensive stars included Harmon Rowe, Emlen Tunnell, John Cannady, Otto Schnellbacher, Al De Rogatis, Tom Landry and Ray Poole. Otto Graham 0 for 10 with 3 interceptions in first half. In 4th quarter, Browns first down at Giant 10, Landry batting down Graham pass to Lavelli; on handoff to Motley a fumble was caused, Dick Woodard recovering for Giants. With 4 minutes remaing, Browns hit Lavelli 33 yards, then scrambled 20 yards to the 22. Two plays later, Browns have first down at Giants 11, Jones buck to the 8, but he loses 3 yards on next play, stopped by Poole and Woodard stopping. 4th down; Graham pass to Horace Gillom in end zone, broken up on last second leap by Schnellbacher, knocking the ball out of Gillom's arms. Eddie Price's TD came at 7:05 of 1st period, Poole's conversion kick no good because of Conerly's wobbly handling of the snap.]
10/8   W 21-17   at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  19,288
10/15  L  6-17      Pittsburgh Steelers PG  21,725 [Steelers Joe Geri 85 yards on 29 carries, 8 of 17 passes for 159 yards, including a 58 yd TD pass play to Elbie Nickel, a 37 yard field goal, 2 PATs and did the punting.]
10/22  W 17-13      Cleveland Browns PG  41,734 [upset, rally from 10 down. 1st time in Browns 5 year history that they lost twice in season to same team.][Browns gain 12 yards rushing in game. Giants rush for 200 yards. Giants Ray Poole 33 yard FG 1st quarter, Lou Groza 18 yd. FG at 10:16 2nd quarter; Lou Groza 17 yard FG with under a minute to go in 1st half. Groza kicks off to Giant Jim Ostendarp who let the ball bounce on the 10, bonce to the 1, without picking it up, jumping on the ball, or even moving- as if it was a punt. Cleveland's Ken Carpenter fell on the ball. The Browns Graham scored next play for Brown 13-3 lead with 26 seconds in the half. Giant Otto Schnellbacher 3 interceptions including saving one at the 3 at end of game.]
10/29  L  3-17   at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  23,964 
11/5   W 24-21      Washington Redskins PG  23,909 [Giants score 10 points in last two minutes. Ray Poole 40 yard FG with 4 seconds to go to win. Redskin Choo Choo Justice intercepted by Giant Tom Landry to set up final FG.]
11/12  W 51-21      Chicago Cardinals PG  22,380 [Steve Owens revives the A formation and his version of the “single wing” for this game. 5 TDs score from A, 1 from T directed by rookie Travis Tidwell in 4th qtr., one from defense. Giants amass 552 yards, 309 rushing, 243 passing. “Operating from fullback in A formation, an alignment which has the line split 4-2 to the left of center and the backfield heavy to the right”, Gene Roberts rushes for 218 yards in 26 carries, setting the NFL single game rushing record (old: Cliff Battles, 215 v Giants in 1933.) The 188-pound Roberts from Chattanooga has 61 yard and 35 yard touchdown runs. From the A, Chucking Charley Conerly threw TD passes of 38 yards to Bill Swiacki, and 62 yards to Joe Scott. Dick Woodard, Giant TD on Cardinal Frank Tripuka in end zone for TD. “Little” Jum Ostendarp 21 yards out of T for TD, Joe Scott 12 yards from the A for TDs. An 8th TD was called back, Tidwell to McChesney, but the latter was called for pushing off before the catch. Curly Lambeau's Cardinals TDs: Frank Tripuka 18 yards to Charley Trippi, 34 yds. Tripuka to Francus Polsfoot, and Jim Hardy 17 yards to Bob Shaw. Cards get 231 yards passing. Giant Otto Schnellbacher two interceptions.] 
11/19  W 55-20   at Baltimore Colts, Memorial Stadium  14,573 [Giants trail 20-7 at end of 1st half, score 7 TDs in 2nd. Travis Tidwell directs T, Giants get 424 yards rushing, Eddie Price 146 of that total with long runs of 53 and 35 yards, and 2 TDs. Tidwell (Auburn) 2 TD passes on 4 for 6, and a TD sneak. Colts score on third play from scrimmage of game, Jim Spavital ran 15 yards, lateraled to center Joe Williams who completed the 69 yard TD play. Colt Y.A. Tittle throws two interceptions.]
11/26  W  7-3       Philadelphia Eagles PG  24,903 [Giant Randy Clay 57 yard run, 15 yards for TD in first drive of game. Coach Greasy Neale' Eagles employed winged-T, split-T, straight T and ZY formations. 1st shutout of Eagles since 11/8/1942 Giants 14-0 win. Eagle Van Buren breaks career rushing attempts record during this game (1,171, 1932-1941, Green Bay; after game Van Buren has 1,178} Em Tunnell interception at end seals win.]  
12/3   W 51-7       New York Yanks PG  41,630  [Were Bulldogs]
12/10  W  9-7    at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  26,440 [Chicago Bears and Los Angeles Rams also play Western Division Playoff, 1st time two in NFL history][Giant kicker Ray Poole broke ankle on opening kickoff on a Eagle clip. Substitute kicker Randy, kicking for first time in the NFL, had missed his only field goal (from 30 yds.) attempt at TCU. In this game, he made a 15 yard FG on his first attempt in 1st quarter. Eagles miss 4 FG attempts: Joe Muha from 32 and 45, Cliff Patton from 17 and 14. For Giants, Conerly's A formation gave way in 2nd half to Travis Tidwell and the T formation. On a Tidwell fumble in the 3rd qtr., Eagle Jay MacDowell recovered the ball and ran 78 yards for a TD. No one was near him, but Eagle MArio Giannelli clipped Giant Jim White at the 39, and the penalty nullified the go ahead score bringing the ball back to their own 46 yard line. Randy Clay also fumble recovery  at Giants 22 in 4th quarter.][Steve Van Buren Day]
    •National Conference Tie-Breaker Playoff•
12/17  L  3-8    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  33,054 [17° temperatures at game time and snow][All players wore sneakers. Giants FG 4th qtr. 20 yards Randy Clay for tie. “Sudden Death” avoided; Otto Graham 3 bootlegs for 45 yards set up Lou Groza for 2nd FG, 28 yards with 52 seconds left. Giants Chuck Conerly tackled in end zone  with 8 seconds left by Jim Martin for safety.Conerly operated out of the A formation, Giants QB Travis Tidwell from the T. In 3rd quarter, trailing 3-0, Conerly throws 5 yard TD pass to Bob McChesney but a 5 yard penalty nullifies the score. Conerly throws interception in end zone by Tom James, the holder on Groza's FGs, but Giants get frst down on 4 due to Brown penalty; After a penalty and no gains,, it was 4th and goal from the 13. Clay tied game.]

1951  (9-2-1, 2nd American Conference, NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
8/11   W 41-18    at Ottawa Rough Riders, Landsdowne Park  10,000 (non league) [Pre-Season Exhibition Game]  [1st half under Canadian rules (Giants led 13-11 end of half); 2nd half by American ones. Jimmy Ostendarp 67 yard punt return for TD for Giants. Ray Poole 6 PATs and 1 rough.]
8/24   L 21-31       Detroit Lions, Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Tex.  (night) 56,000 [Pre-Season] [87° temperatures. Lions Doak Walker 2 TDs, one on 95 yard kickoff return, 1 FG, 3 PATs. Lions Jack Christiansen 73 yard fumble recovery return of Kyle Rote's fumble, for TD.]
9/2    W 14-0        Chicago Bears, at Crump Stadium, Memphis, Tenn.  10,822 [Pre-Season] [95° temperatures]
9/8    L 10-14       Washington Redskins, at Birmingham, Ala.  (night) 20,000  [Pre-Season] [Slingin' Sammy Baugh only pass in game 35 yard TD pass to George Thomas in 4th quarter.]
9/20   L 21-23       Los Angeles Rams PG  (night) 27,912  [Pre-Season Benefit Game] [Giants' field goal atte,pt, with 15 seconds to play, for win, blocked by Woodley Lewis.]
9/24   W 21-6        Philadelphia Eagles, at Hershey, Pa.  (night) 14,000  [Pre-Season]
10/1   T 13-13    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  (night) 27,984  27,984 [Pittsburgh was last single-wing formation team in NFL. Steeler's Joe Geri TD “buck” for TD, FGs of 31 and 26 yards, kickoff return for of 87 yards to the one, 57 yard pass to Lynn Chandnois, and punted. Giants' Travis Tidwell 56 yard TD pass to Joe Scott.]
10/7   W 35-14    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  23,800  [Giants use “Double-A” (double-wing) offense.]
10/14  W 28-17       Chicago Cardinals PG  28,095 [Emlin Tunnel, Giants, 82 yard punt return for TD (178 yards on 4 returns); Hempstead High Marching Band at halftime.]
10/21  W 26-24       Philadelphia Eagles PG  28,656
10/28  L 13-14    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium 56,942
11/4   W 37-31       New York Yanks PG  25,682
11/11  W 28-14       Washington Redskins PG  21,242
11/18  L  0-10       Cleveland Browns PG  52,215  
11/25  W 10-0     at Chicago Cardinals  11,892  [Bosh Pritchard 81 yard punt return TD for Giants.]
12/2   W 14-0        Pittsburgh Steelers PG  18,186 [Eddie Price 214 carries after game new Giant record breaking 206 Tuffy Leemans, 1936.]
12/9   W 23-7        Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  19,342
12/16  W 27-17    at New York Yanks, Yankee Stadium  6,658 [“Icicle Bowl”]

1952  (7-5-0, 2nd American Conference, NFL)  Coach: Steve Owens
  Training camp: Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minn.
8/16   W  7-0        Green Bay Packers, Marquette Stadium, Milwaukee  (night) 21,000 [Shrine Charity Game • Pre-Season]
8/22   W 24-10       Pittsburgh Steelers, at Drake Stadium, Des Moines, Iowa  (night) 13,000 [Pre-Season Game] [Eddie Price 75 yard TD run]
9/2    L 17-33    at Detroit Lions, Briggs Stadium  36,853 [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/14   L  7-17    at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  28,158 [Armed Forces Benefit • pre-season exhibition game]
9/18   W 30-17       Los Angeles Rams PG  28,570 [Hearst Milk Fund Benefit • Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/28   W 24-6     at Dallas Texans  17,500
10/4   W 31-7     at Philadelphia Eagles, Shibe Park  22,512
10/12  W 17-9     at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  51,858
10/19  L 23-24       Chicago Cardinals PG  41,182
10/26  L 10-14       Philadelphia Eagles PG  21,458
11/2   W 28-6     at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  27,195
11/9   W 23-14       San Francisco 49ers PG  50,880
11/16  L  3-17       Green Bay Packers PG  26,723
11/23  W 14-10    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium
11/30  L  7-63    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  15,140
12/7   L 17-27       Washington Redskins PG  21,237 [Tom Landry QB & rushing TD]
12/14  W 37-34       Cleveland Browns PG  41,610

1953  (3-9-0, 5th Eastern Division, NFL) (6-11-0)  Coach: Steve Owens
8/22   L  7-31       Green Bay Packers, at Minneapolis Parade Stadium  (night) [Charity Exhibition pre-season game]
8/29   L  7-38       Detroit Lions, at Cotton Bowl, Dallas, Texas  (night) [Pre-season exhibition game]
9/3    W 14-7        Chicago Bears, at Drake Stadium, Des Moines [pre-season exhibition game]
9/12   W 10-6        Baltimore Colts, at Oakland Stadium, St. Louis, Mo. [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/17   W 28-21       San Francisco 49ers PG  (night) 22,551 [Hearst Free Milk Fund for Babies Charity pre-season exhibition game] [Frank Gifford 12-yard FG & PAT]
9/27   L  7-21    at Los Angeles Rams, Olympic Coliseum  49,579
10/3   L 14-24    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  (night) 31,500
10/11  L  9-13    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium [Tom Landry interception, lateral to Frank Gifford for 34 yard TD]
10/18  W 21-7        Chicago Bears PG  30,301
10/25  L  0-7        Cleveland Browns PG  30,773
11/1   W 23-20    at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  17,499
11/8   L  7-30    at Philadelphia Eagles, Connie Mack Stadium  24,331
11/15  L 10-14       Pittsburgh Steelers PG  20,411
11/22  L 21-24       Washington Redskins PG  16,887
11/29  W 37-28       Philadelphia Eagles PG  20,294
12/6   L 14-62    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  40,235
12/13  L 16-27       Detroit Lions PG  28,390 [Steve Owens last game coaching for Giants after 23 years as Giants coach and 29 with the team.]

1954  (7-5-0, 3rd Eastern Conference, NFL)  Coach: Jim Lee Howell
  Training camp: Wilamette University, Salem, Oregon
8/8    L  7-30       Los Angeles Rams, at Multnomah Stadium, Portland, Oregon  (night) [Pre-Season exhibition game]
8/15   L 35-43    at San Francisco 49ers  29,296 [Pre-Season Exhibition Game]
8/21   W 26-0        Chicago Cardinals, at Joe Albi Stadium, Spokane, Washington  13,000 [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/4    L 13-28       Detroit Lions, at Norman, Oklahoma  (night) 25,000 [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/12   L 24-28    at Chicago Bears, Wrigley Field  (night) [pre-season exhibition game]
9/18   W 38-27       Green Bay Packers, at Marquette Stadium, Milwaukee, Wisconsin [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/26   W 41-10    at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park  16,780
10/2   L 14-20    at Baltimore Colts, Memorial Stadium  (night) 27,088
10/10  W 51-21    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  21,217
10/17  W 31-17       Chicago Cardinals PG  31,256
10/25  W 24-7        Washington Redskins PG  22,597
10/31  L 14-24    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  30,448 [83 yard TD pass, Frank Gifford to Eddie Price]
11/7   W 30-6     at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  36,358
11/14  W 27-14       Philadelphia Eagles PG  46,565
11/21  L 16-17       Los Angeles Rams PG  27,737
11/28  L  7-16       Cleveland Browns PG  45,936
12/5   W 24-3        Pittsburgh Steelers PG  16,856
12/12  L 14-29    at Philadelphia Eagles, Connie Mack Stadium  28,449

1955  (6-5-1, 3rd Eastern Conference, NFL)  Coach: Jim Lee Howell
  Training camps: Wilamette University, Salem, Oregon & Bear Mountain, N.Y. (from 9/12)
8/13   L 24-31       Green Bay Packers, at Spokane Municipal Stadium  (night) 14,000 [Pre-Season exhibition game]
8/20   W 28-17       San Francisco 49ers, at Seattle Husky Stadium  49,000 [Pre-Season exhibition game]
8/28   L 17-23O.T.    Los Angeles Rams, at Multnomah Stadium, Poertland, Ore. [experimental sudden-death overtime. Also, field marked 0 to 100, rather than zero to 50 to zero] [pre-season exhibition game]
9/6    W 17-14       Baltimore Colts, at Parade Stadium, Minneapolis  (night) 19,000 [Pre-Season Exhibition Game]
9/10   L  0-7        Chicago Bears, at Little Rock, Arkansas  (night) [Pre-Season exhibition game]
9/18   L 17-27    at Detroit Lions, Briggs Stadium  34,487 [Pre-eason exhibition game]
9/24   L 17-27    at Philadelphia Eagles, Connie Mack Stadium  (night) 29,597
10/2   L 17-28    at Chicago Cardinals, Comiskey Park
10/9   L 23-30    at Pittsburgh Steelers, Forbes Field  29,422
10/16  W 10-0        Chicago Cardinals PG  7,000
10/23  L 17-19       Pittsburgh Steelers PG  27,365
10/30  W 35-7        Washington Redskins PG  17,402 [Jim Patton 69 yard punt return for TD]
11/6   L 14-24    at Cleveland Browns, Municipal Stadium  46,524
11/13  W 17-7        Baltimore Colts PG  33,982
11/20  W 31-7        Philadelphia Eagles PG  22,075
11/27  T 35-35       Cleveland Browns PG  45,699 [Giants' Ray Kroise blocked Lou Groza's 21 yard FG attempt for the win, at end of game]
12/4   W 27-20    at Washington Redskins, Griffith Stadium  28,556
12/11  W 24-19    at Detroit Lions, Briggs Stadium  45,929

After 31 seasons at the Polo Grounds, on 1/27/1956 the Giants announced they would begin playing home games at Yankee Stadium.

Last scoreless game in N.F.L.: 11/7/1943 NY Giants 0-0 Detroit Lions
Most shutout games (W or T), one season: 10 (tie), NY Giants (9 wins, 1 tie), 1927 [& Pottsville Maroons, 1926]
Most times finishing in 1st place:20 (tie), NY Giants & Dallas Cowboys
Least field goals, one season: 0 (tie), NY Giants [9 other teams, 13 times]
Fewest first downs, game: 0 (tie), NY Giants 10/1/1933 v. Green Bay Packers; NY Giants 9/27/1942 v. Washington Redskins [3 others]
Most (1 pt.) PATs, game, both teams: 14 (tie), Chicago Cardinals (8) v. NY Giants (5) 10/17/1948; Washington Redskins (9) v. NY Giants (5) 11/27/1966 [1 other]

Giants who led N.F.L. in rushing:
  1936 Tuffy Leemans 830 yards
  1943 Bill Paschal 572 yards
  1944 Bill Paschal 737 yards
  1951 Eddie Price 971 yards

Giants who led N.F.L., rushing average:
  1933 Kink Richards 6.2

Giants who led N.F.L. in scoring:
  1927 Jack McBride 57 points (6 TD, 2 FG, 15 PAT)
  1933 Ken Strong 64 points (6 TD, 5 FG, 13 PAT) [tied w/ Glenn Presnell, Portsmouth Spartans]
  1949 Gene Roberts 102 points (17 TDs) [tied w/ Pat HAder, Chicago Cardinals]
  1963 Don Chandler 106 points (18 FG, 52 PAT)

Giants who led N.F.L. in touchdowns:
  1927 (tie) Jack McBride, Hickie Haines, Mule Wilson, [4 others], 6 TDs
  1933 Kink Richards, 7 TDs

Giants who led N.F.L. in field goals:

Giants who led league in point after touchdowns:
  1926 Jack McBride 15 PAT (tie)
  1927 Jack McBride 15 PAT
  1929 Benny Friedman 20 PAT

Giants' N.F.L. leaders in passing:
  1933 Harry Newman 973 yards (53 of 136, 11 TD, 17 Int.)
  1935 Ed Danowski 794 yards (67 of 113, 10 TD, 9 Int.)

Giants' N.F.L. leaders, passing pct.:
  1934 Ed Danowski 46.9%
  1935 Ed Danowski 50.4%

Some Giants game records:
Total yards gained, one game
  212 yards Gene “Choo Choo” Roberts 11/13/1949 v. Green Bay Packers

Most rushing yards, one game:
  218 yards Gene “Choo Choo” Roberts 11/12/1950 v. Chicago Cardinals
N.F.L. record at time, breaking Cliff Battle's record of 215, set 10/8/1933 v. Giants.

Total receiving yards, one game (was NFL record):
  114 yards Hap Moran 10/15/1933 v. Philadelphia Eagles

Giants longest run from scrimmage:
  94 yards Hap Moran 11/23/1930 v. Green Bay Packers [also listed as 91 yards, as 91....]

 A few Uniform Numbers 1925-1950:
  1 Ray Flaherty end (1928-29, 1931-1934) Later head coach: Wash. Redskins & N.Y. Yankees (AAFC)
  4 Tuffy Leemans fb (1936-1943)
  7 Mel Hein c/lb (1931-1945) Pro Football Hall of Fame
 32 Al Blozis t (1942-1944)
 42 Charlie Conerly qb (1948-1961)
 50 Ken Strong hb-p-pk (1933-1935, 1939, 1944-1947) Pro Football Hall of Fame...also #30
  Other Giants numbers
 0  Willis “Wee Willie” Smith hb/qb/db (1934)
 1  Jack McBride in 1925 (1925-1928, 1932-1934, see #20)
 1  Hinkey Haines in 1926 rb/tb/wb/pr (1925-1928)
 9  Eddie Miller p/qb/db (1939-1940)
 10 Len “Bear Tracks” Barnum p/qb/fb/wb/db/pk (1938-1940)
 10 Howie Livingston db/fb/hb/wb (1944-1947)
 12 Chris Cagle fb/db (1930-1932)
 12 Harry Newman tb (qb) (1933-1935)
 13 Kink Richards tb/db (1933-1939)
 14 Tod Goodwin e/de (1935-1936)
 14 Ward Cuff hb/pk (1937 -1945)
 15 Hank Soar fb/p (1938-1946)
 17 Benny Friedman tb (qb) (1929-1931)
 17 Morris “Red” Badgro e (1930-1935) Hall of Fame
 18 Dale Burnett wb/db/fb/p (1930-1939)
 20  Jack McBride (1932-1934;) [for 1925-1928, see #1)
 20 Lee Shaffer fb/wb/bb/db (1935-1944, 1946)
 20 Arnie Herber qb/db (1944-1945)
 21 Jim Lee Howell e/de (1937-1942); #81: 1946-1947)
 22 Hap Moran wb/lb/db (1928-1933)
 22 Ed Danowski qb (1934-1941)
 22 Frank Liebel e/de/db (1942-1948)
 23 Jim Poole (in '38) e/de (1937-1941, 1945-1946)
 33 Bill Paschal rb (1943-1948)
 35 Gene “Choo Choo” Roberts rb/kr (1947-1950)
 37 George Franck wb/fb/db (1941, 1945-1947)
 40 “Flingin'” Frankie Filchock qb (1946)
 45 Emlen Tunnell hb/s/punt returner (1948-1961)
 49 Tom Landry db/e/p/kr (1950-1955)
 55 Steve Owen t (1926-1933). coach (1930-1953) 153-108-17
 60 Len Younce p/g/lb/pk (1941-1944)
 70 Andy Marefos tb/db/qb/lb (1941-1942)
 82 Ray Poole e/de (1947-1952)


Other Pro Football at the Polo Grounds:
 •The (Brickley's) New York Giants #1 (A.P.F.L.) played one home game at the Polo Grounds, 1921.
 •The New York Bulldogs (N.F.L.) played home games at the Polo Grounds, 1949.
 •The New York Titans (A.F.L.#4) played home games at the Polo Grounds, 1960-1962.
 •The New York Jets (A.F.L.#4) played home games at the Polo Grounds, 1963. (name change)
 •The 1936 N.F.L. Championship Game was moved from Boston to the Polo Grounds out of spite!
 •The Canton Bulldogs used the Polo Grounds for a neutral field game in 1920.

Also see all college and (non-prep) amateur games at the Polo Grounds.

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