New York Stars
(World Football League 1974)
Football Helmet with New York Stars (WFL) logo of NY in black inside a yellow, or gold star, on black helmet.

Home Field: Downing Stadium, Randall's Island

 1974   W.F.L. Eastern Division  Coach: Vito “Babe” Parilli
 Jul. 11  L   7-14  Away   Jacksonville Sharks, the Gator Bowl  (night) 59,112
 Jul. 17  L  29-32  Home   Birmingham Americans  (night) 17,943
 Jul. 25  W 17-15  Away   Philadelphia Bell, John F. Kennedy Stadium  (night) 64,719
 Jul. 31  W 24-16  Home   Jacksonville Sharks  (night) 15,648
 Aug. 7  W 11-8  Away   Southern California Sun, Anaheim Stadium  (night) 28,174
 Aug. 14  W 38-16  Home   Portland Storm  (night) 16,222
 Aug. 21  W 43-10  Home   Houston Texans  (night) 12,042
 Aug. 28  L  11-14  Away   Houston Texans, the Astrodome  (night) 10,000+
 Sep. 2  W 24-16  Home   Philadelphia Bell  (night) 6,132
 Sep. 6  L  15-17  Home   Florida Blazers  (night) 3,830 (14,625 paid)
 Sep. 11  W 34-15  Away   Portland Storm, Civic Stadium  (night) 13,339
 Sep. 15  L  14-17  Away   Hawaii Hawaiians, Honolulu Stadium  12,169
 Sep. 25  W 37-7  Home   Detroit Wheels  (night)  “Bankrupt Bowl”

Franchise moved to Charlotte, N.C., playing the rest of season as the Charlotte Stars, then the Charlotte Hornets.

  In 1973, the team franchise was originally the Boston Bulldogs, renamed the Boston Bulls.
  Unable to find a Boston stadium to play in, they merge with an unnamed New York franchise, creating the New York Stars for the WFL's initial season in 1974..
  Yankee Stadium was being reconstructed and would not be available to play in until 1976.
  Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City was in bad condition and in New Jersey.
  Baker Field, the oldest temporary wooden stadium in the country, was considered for their home field. It was in Manhattan and had 32,000 capacity. But negotiations with Columbia University broke down.
  Downing Stadium, on Randall's Island, capacity 22,000, also old, decrepit and out of the way (accessible only via, and situated under, the Triborough Bridge), was chosen, by default, as the Stars' home field.
  The New York Stars #1 draft choice was Joe Namath.
  The 9/25 game, originally scheduled for Yom Kipper on 9/24, was moved to the following night.
  The 9/24 game was dubbed the Bankrupt Bowl because both teams went bankrupt preceding the game.
  The franchise was forfeited and resold and moved to Charlotte, North Carolina. The next week's game was played as the Charlotte Stars, and then the rest of the 1974 season and the 1975 season, as the Charlotte Hornets.
  The New York Stars were 8-5-0 and game behind in 2nd place, when the team was transferred south.
  The W.F.L. itself ceased operations mid-1975 season

Another pro football team used Downing Stadium, in 1966, the Brooklyn Dodgers of the Continental Football League

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