Pacific Bowl

Chile v. Peru
(Federation Deportiva Nacional de Futbol Americano de Chile v. Liga Inka de Futbol Americano)
Federation Deportiva Nacional de Futbol Americano de Chile (FEDFACh) logo, football inside star inside outer red and blue circle.       Logo of the Liga Inka de Futbol Americano (LIFA), the Incan League of American Football. A shield with capial letters, white with black trim, reading LIFA,, serifed on a curved red banner in the middle, a vertical football pictured below as well, some sort of trophy-like figure..

Pacific Bowl
Pacific Bowl I 2017  La Roja (Chile) (W 24-6) LIFA All-Stars (Peru)  at Los Almejas, Antofagasta, Chile (11/25)
Pacific Bowl II 2018  La Roja (Chile) (W 42-22) Rimac (Peru)  at Colegio Militar Leoncia Prado, Callao, Peru (12/15)


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