(Romanian Bowl)

Campionatul National de Fotbal American
(National American Football Championship of Romania)
Logo for Campionatul National de Fotbal American Si Flag/2010, for the Flag Football league season for 2010.

Romanian Bowl
Ro-Bowl I 2010  Bucharest Warriors (W 56-12) Cluj Crusaders  at Bucharest (Nov. 21)
Romanian Bowl Cup
Ro-Bowl II 2011  Bucharest Warriors (W 14-6) Cluj Crusaders  at Bucharest (Oct. 9)
RBII Game 2  Cluj Crusaders (W 20-15) Bucharest Warriors  at Cluj-Napoca
Winner:  Bucharest Warriors (on total points, 29-26)
Romanian Bowl
Ro-Bowl III 2012  Cluj Crusaders (W 20-7) Bucharest Rebels   (Oct. 14)
Ro-Bowl IV 2013  Cluj Crusaders (W 14-8) Tomisoara 89ers   (Jun. 16)
Ro-Bowl V 2014  Bucharest Rebels (W 18-12) Tomisoara 89ers   (Jul. 6)
Ro-Bowl VI 2015  Bucharest Rebels (W 2-0) Cluj Crusaders   (Jun. 14)
Ro-Bowl VII 2016  Bucharest Rebels (W 46-18) Cluj Crusaders   (Jun. 26)
Ro-Bowl VIII 2017  Cluj Crusaders (W 17-12) Bucharest Warriors   (Jun. 24)
Ro-Bowl IX 2018  Cluj Crusaders (W 10-0) Bucharest Rebels   (Jul. 1)
Ro-Bowl X 2019  Bucharest Rebels (W 34-14) Timisoara 89ers   (Jun. 15)
Ro-Bowl XI 2021  Bucharest Rebels (W 40-30) Mures Monsters   (Nov. 27)
Ro-Bowl XII 2022  Bucharest Rebels (W 48-28) Mures Monsters   (Dec. 4)
Logo for Romanian American Football team named the Bucharest Warriors, a combination knight-football player image using a helmet side view.
 • The 2011 Romanian Bowl was held as a two-game Cup. Each side won one game each, so the winner was decided by total points, the Bucharest Warriors declared the champion 29 to 26. The Robowl returned to a one gaame format the next season. The win by Cluj was the first loss for the Warriors in their history of three seasons (they began as an independent).
 • The CNFA also holds competitions, leagues, playoffs and bowl games for other divisions of American football, including Flag Football. The CNFA logo at the top of this page was for the 2010 CNFA flag football championship season.
 • As can be seen in example below, the Romanian Bowl is considered the entire championship season, as well as the final game.

  Poster promotion for Ro-Bowl II 'finala campiona Tului National de Fotbal American 2011 Crusaders v Warriors, Oct. 9, 2011.   

Promotional poster for ROBOWL IV games on June 15-16m 2013, Cruj Crusaders v. Timisoara Bears and Bucharest Rebels v. Bucharest Warriors.

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The Romanian referees for American football have a union called the Asociatia Arbitrilor de Fotbal American din România, AAFAR
Logo for the Asociatia Arbitrilor de Fotbal American din România, AAFAR, the Romanian American Football referees association.