American Football in Scotland
Scottish Gridiron Association (SGA Bowl)

Capital Bowl
Caledonian Bowl
Thistle League
Scottish Gridiron Association (SGA) logo.

Thistle League
(no post-season)
 Thistle Champion  1987  Dundee Whalers  
Caledonian Football League
Caledonian Bowl
 Caledonian Bowl  1988  Strathclyde Sheriffs (W 46-12) Ness Monsters  
Capital Bowl
 Capital Bowl I  1985  Glasgow Lions (W 13-6) Edinburgh Eagles
 Capital Bowl II  1986  Glasgow Lions (W 16-12) Edinburgh Eagles
 Capital Bowl III  1987  Glasgow Lions (W 18-0) Edinburgh Blue Eagles
 Capital Bowl IV  1988  Glasgow Diamonds    (no details found)
 Capital Bowl V  1989  Husselburgh Magnums     (no details found)
 Capital Bowl VI  1990  Glasgow Lions (W 12-6O.T.) Edinburgh Phoenix
   1991  (no game)
 Capital Bowl VII  1992  Glasgow Lions (W 21-0) Edinburgh Phoenix
 Capital Bowl VIII  1993  Glasgow Lions (W 41-0) Fife 49ners
 Capital Bowl IX  1994  Fife 49ners (W 36-0) Edinburgh Eagles
 Capital Bowl X  1995  Glasgow Lions (W 31-8) Clydesdale Colts
Scottish Gridiron Association
SGA Bowl
 SGA Bowl I  1995  Glasgow Lions (W 76-0) Granite City Oilers
 SGA Bowl II  1996  Glasgow Lions (W 60-6) Stirling Broncos
 SGA Bowl III  1997  East Kilbride Pirates (W 24-6) Dundee Whalers
 SGA Bowl IV  1998  East Kilbride Pirates (W 50-6) Dundee Whalers

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