Women's Professional Championship Games

Note: Information is spotty for early league(s).

1976 NWFL
Toledo Troopers 13 - 12 Oklahoma City Dolls  (12/11) at Toledo. 
Following game, disputed PAT awarded to Oklahoma City and game declared 13-13 tie.

Team photo of the NWFL champion 1976 Toledo Troopers.

1977 NWFL
Toledo Troopers 25 - 14 Oklahoma City Dolls  (Nov.)

1978 NWFL
Toledo Troopers v. Oklahoma City Dolls

1979 NWFL Northern Division Championship
Columbus Pacesetters W - L Toledo Troopers
1979 NWFL
Oklahoma City Dolls champions. Championship game v. Columbus Pacesetters canceled.

1982 NWFL
Cleveland Brewers champions.

1983 NWFL
Cleveland Brewers 43 - Columbus Pacesetters 6  (11/9)

1984 NWFL
Championship game at Toledo Furies (11/3)

1985 NWFL
Grand Rapids Carpenters champions

1990 Bundesliga Frauenfootball Championship (Ladies German Football League- GFL)
Bamberg Lady Bears (W 14-12) at Hanover Ambassadors

1991 Bundesliga Frauenfootball Champion [no post-season game•Ladies GFL]
Bamberg Lady Bears

1992 GFL Ladies Bowl I
Bamberg Lady Bears (W 23-0) Mülheim Shamrocks at Bamberg

1993 GFL Ladies Bowl II
Berlin Adler Girls (W 30-8) Frankfurt Gamblers at Berlin

1994 GFL Ladies Bowl III
Berlin Adler Girls (W 33-0) Nürnberg Hurricanes at Lübeck

1995 GFL Ladies Bowl IV
Berlin Adler Girls (W 31-0) Hannover Stampeders at Hanau

1996 GFL Ladies Bowl V
Berlin Adler Girls (W 32-8) Hannover Stampeders at Hagen

1997 GFL Ladies Bowl VI
Berlin Adler Girls (W 21-8) Hannover Ambassadors at Lübeck

1998 GFL Ladies Bowl VII
Nürnberg Hurricanes (W 37-29) Cologne Crocodiles at Lübeck

1999 GFL Ladies Bowl VIII
Nürnberg Hurricanes (W 31-20) Berlin Adler Girls at Lübeck

1999 WPFL
Lake Michigan Minx 30 - Minnesota Vixens 27

2000 GFL Ladies Bowl IX
Berlin Adler Girls (W 62-25) Hamburg Maniacs at Dessau

2000 WPFL
Houston Energy 39 - New England Storm 7

2001 GFL Ladies Bowl X
Berlin Adler Girls (W 35-0) Munich Cowboys at Berlin

2001 IWFL
Austin Outlaws champions

2001 LTFL
San Luis Heat champions

2001 NWFL
Philadelphia Liberty Belles 40 - Pensacola Power 7

2001 WAFL World Bowl I
California Quake 30 - Jacksonville Dixie Blues 14

2001 WPFL
Houston Energy 47 - Austin Rage 14

2002 AFWL
Long Beach Aftershock 12 at San Diego Sunfire 7  (12/14)

2002 GFL Ladies Bowl XI
Berlin Adler Girls (W 28-20) Munich Cowboys at München

2002 IWFL
New York Sharks 24 - Austin Outlaws 4

2002 LTFL
Five City Saints champions

2002 NWFL
Detroit Danger 48 - Massachusetts Mutiny 30

2002 WAFC
Sacramento Sirens 59 - 20 Arizona Caliente  (12/7) (at Cosumnes River College, Sacramento.)

2002 WAFL
Women's World Bowl I
2/9 rescheduled to 2/24 at Balboa Stadium, San Diego 
California Quake 30-14 Jacksonville Dixie Blues  (2/24 from 2/9) (Balboa Stadium, San Diego)

2002 WPFL
Houston Energy 56 - Wisconsin Riveters 7

2002 WSFL
Tacoma Majestics (W 14-0) Portland Shockwave

2003 GFL Ladies Bowl XII
Berlin Adler Girls (W 41-12) Munich Cowboys at Mülheim

2003 IWFL
Sacramento Sirens 41 - New York Sharks 30

2003 LTFL
Five Cities Saints champions.

2003 NWFA
Detroit Demolition 28 - Pensacola Power 21

2003 WFA [2002-2003 season] [aka WAFL?]
Women's World Bowl II (Women's Association Bowl)
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 68 - Indianapolis Vipers 20

2003 WPFL
Northern Ice 47 - Florida Stingrays 12  (11/8)

2004 GFL Ladies Bowl XIII
Berlin Adler Girls (W 19-8) Hamburg Amazons at München

2004 IWFL
Sacramento Sirens 29 - New York Sharks 27  (7/24) at Sacramento

2004 LTFL
San Luis Obispo Heat champions.

2004 NWFA 
Detroit Demolition 52 - Oklahoma City Lightning 0  (7/31) (at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Louisville)

2004 WPFL
Dallas Diamonds 68 - Northern Ice 13 (11/20) (at Long Beach, California.)

2005 GFL Ladies Bowl XIV
Munich Cowboys Ladies (W 24-0) Hamburg Amazons at Mülheim

2005 IWFL
Sacramento Sirens 9 - Atlanta Xplosion 7  (8/6) (at Manchester, N.H.)

2005 LTFL
San Luis Obispo Heat win Central Division regular season
Five Cities Saints & San Luis Obispo Heat tied at end of playoffs, 

2005 NWFA
Detroit Demolition 74 - Pensacola Power 0  (7/30) (at Papa John's Cardinal Stadium, Lousiville)

2005 WPFL
Dallas Diamonds 61- New York Dazzles 8  (11/19) (at Dallas)

2006 GFL Ladies Bowl XV
Munich Cowboys Ladies (W 41-14) Berlin Kobras Ladies at Mülheim

2006 IWFL
Atlanta Xplosion 21 - Detroit Demolition 14  (7/29) (at Long Beach Veterans Sadium, Cal.) [1st loss ever for Detroit]

2006 NWFA
D.C. Divas 28 - Oklahoma City Lightning 7 (8/5) (at North Allegheny High, Wexford (Pittsburgh), Pa.)

2006 WFL
Superior Bowl Championship Game
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 54 - Tennessee Heat 25 (7/15 rescheduled from 8/5 at Jacksonville)

2006 WPFL
Dallas Diamonds 34 - Houston Energy 27 (11/4) (at Roswell High, Georgia) 400

2007 GFL Ladies Bowl XVI
Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 55-18) Nürnberg Hurricanes at München

2007 NWFA
(7/21) Pittsburgh Passion 32 - Columbus Comets 0 (7/21)

2007 IWFL 
(8/11) Detroit Demolition 17 at Atlanta Xplosion 7

2007 MWFL Maritime SupHer Bowl IV
(8/12) Capital Area Gladiators 15 - Moncton Vipers 14 at Rocky Stone Field, Moncton

2007 WFL
Jacksonville Dixie Blues 49 - Clarksville Fox 6

2007 WPFL
(12/1) So Cal Scorpions 14 - Houston Energy 7

2008 GFL Ladies Bowl XVII
Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 40-37) Nürnberg Hurricanes at Flensburg

2008 MWFL Maritime SupHer Bowl V
(7/19) Saint John Storm 24 - Moncton Vipers 14 at Halifax

2008 NWFA
(7/26) H-Town (Texas) Cyclones 39 - West Michigan Mayhem 10 at Millington Central High, Memphis, Tenn. (n.)

2008 IWFL
(7/27) Dallas Diamonds 35 - Chicago Force 29O.T. North Park University, Chicago (n.)

2008 IWFL Tier 2
(7/26) Montreal Blitz 26 - Clarksville Fox 6

2008 CAMFA Lady Gladiator Cup
(10/28) Spartans 19 - Outlaws 12

2009 GFL Ladies Bowl XVIII
Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 41-26) Nürnberg Hurricanes at Lübeck

2009 IWFL International Challenge
(7/18) Minnesota Vixen (W 46-6) Manitoba Fearles (WWCFL),  at Duluth Public Schools Stadium

2009 IWFL North American Championship [minor league]
(7/25) Wisconsin Warriors 42 - Montreal Blitz 14  at Round Rock, Texas

2009 IWFL World Championship
(7/25) Kansas City Tribe 21 - D.C. Divas 18  at Round Rock, Texas

2009 MWFL Friendship Bowl 
(7/25) Capital Area Lady Gladiators 18 - Halifax Xplosion 0  at Millidgeville Field, Saint John

2009 MWFL SupHer Bowl VI
(7/25) Moncton Vipers 30 - Saint John Storm 24  at Millidgeville, Saint John

2009 WFA National Championship
(8/15) St. Louis Slam 21 - West Michigan Mayhem 14  at Pan American Stadium, New Orleans

2009 WFA International Bowl Championship
(8/15) New Orleans Blaze 12 - Aguilas Regias 0

2009 CAMFA Lady Gladiator Cup
(11/6) Outlaws 12 - Spartans 6

2010 LFL Lingerie Bowl VII
(2/6)  Los Angeles Temptation 27 - Chicago Bliss 14

2010 IFAF Women's World Championship 1st round
(6/27) Team U.S.A. 63 - Austria 0  at Zinkensdamns IP Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 IFAF Women's World Championship semifinal
(7/1)  Team U.S.A> 72 - Finland 0  at Zinkensdamns IP Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 IFAF Women's World Championship Gold Medal Game
(7/3)  Team U.S.A. 66 - Canada 0  at Zinkensdamns IP Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 IFAF Women's World Championship Bronze Medal Game
(7/3)  Finland 26 - Germany 18  at Zinkensdamns IP Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 IWFL International Challenge
(7/17) Iowa Crush 20 - Manitoba Fearless (WWCFL) 14,  at East Side Eagles Field, Winnipeg, Manitoba

2010 IWFL North American Championship
(7/24) Montreal Blitz 9 - at Bay Area Bandits 2  at Round Rock, Texas

2010 IWFL World Championship
(7/24) Boston Militia 39 - Sacramento Sirens 7   at Round Rock, Texas

2010 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(7/31) Capital Area Gladiators 42 - Halifax Xplosion 6  at Chapman Field, Fredericton, N.B.

2010 MWFL SupHer Bowl
(7/31) Saint John Storm 26 - Moncton Vipers 6  at Chapman Field, Fredericton, N.B.

2010 WFA Women's World Championship
(7/31) Lone Star Mustangs 16 - at Columbus Comets 12

2010 GFL Ladies Bowl XIX
(9/19) Berlin Kobra Ladies (W 34-28O.T.) at Düsseldorf Blades at Düsseldorf 

2010 NBJGFL Lady Gladiator Cup
(11/2) Fredericton Black Kats (W 38-6) Oromocto Blues, at Knowledge Park, Fredericton, N.B.

2010 AFL Ladies Bowl XI
(11/7) Raiffeisen Vikings Ladies Vienna 40 - Graz Black WIdows 24,  at Graz

2010 NBJGFL Provincial Championship•Harlow Cup
(11/14) Saint John Storm (W 12-0) Fredericton Black Kats, at University of New Brunswick-Saint John

2011 LFL Lingerie Bowl VIII
(2/7)   Los Angeles Temptation (W 26-25) Philadelphia Passion, at Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas

2011 WSFL 11-Woman Division Champion
Baltimore Burn, on 6-0 regular season record [no post-season]

2011 WSFL 8-Woman Division Champion
Cape Fear Thunder, on 4-2-1 regular season record [no post-season]

2011 AFL Ladies Bowl XII
(6/26) Raiffelsen Vikings Ladies Vienna 27 - Docler Wolves Ladies (Budapest, Hungary) 12,  at Budapest

2011 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(7/23) Moncton Vipers 56 - Halifax Xplosion 0  at Rocky Stone Memorial Field, Moncton, N.B.

2011 MWFL SupHer Bowl VIII
(7/23) Saint John Storm 31 - Capital Area Gladiators 8  at Rocky Stone Memorial Field, Moncton, N.B.

2011 IWFL North American Championship•Tier 2
(7/30)  Seattle Majestics (W 20-0) New England Intensity, at Round Rock, Texas

2011 IWFL World Championship•Tier 1
(7/30)  Atlanta Ravens (W 24-22) California Quake, at Round Rock, Texas [a.k.a. Atlanta Xplosion]

2011 WFA National Championship
(7/30)  Boston Militia (W 34-19) San Diego Surge, at Pennington Field, Bedford, Texas

2011 WWCFL Championship
(8/13)  Saskatoon Valkyries (W 35-7) Edmonton Storm

2011 GFL Ladies Bowl XX
Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 42-21) Düsseldorf Blades, at Berlin

2012 LFL Lingerie Bowl IX
(2/5)   Los Angeles Temptation (W 28-6) Philadelphia Passion, at Orleans Arena, Las Vegas

2012 GWTFL Championship (6-women league)
(5/12)  Circle K Island Stunnerz (W 50-47) 76 Steel Blazers, at Eagle Field, Mangilao

2012 GWTFL Championship (8-women league)
(6/30)  Team Legacy (W 18-8) Circle K Island Stunnerz, at Eagle Field, Mangilao

2012 WWCFL Championship
(7/14)  Saskatoon Valkyries (W 64-21) Lethbridge Steel, at Griffiths Stadium, Saskatoon

2012 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(7/21)  Saint John Storm (W 40-0) Halifax Xplosion, at Wanderers Green, Halifax

2012 MWFL SupHer Bowl IX
(7/21)  Moncton Vipers (W 49-42) Capitak Area Gladiators, at Wanderers Green, Halifax

2012 International Challenge (Tier 3 Championship)
(7/28)  Manitoba Fearless (WWCFL) at Minnesota Vixen (IWFL)

2012 IWFL Tier III Bowl (Tier 3)
(7/28)  Carolina Queens (W 18-0) Colorado Sting

2012 IWFL Founders Bowl (Tier 2 Championship)
(7/28)  Carolina Phoenix (W 27-0) Portland Shockwave, at Round Rock, Texas

2012 IWFL World Championship (Tier 1)
(7/28)  Montreal Blitz (W 28-27) Sacramento Sirens, at Round Rock, Texas

2012 WFA National Championship
(8/4)  San Diego Surge (W 40-36) Chicago Force, at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, Pa.

2012 WSFL 8-Woman Championship
(8/11) West Virginia Wildfire (W) Nevada Storm, at Towanda, Pennsylvania

2012 WSFL 11-Woman Championship
(8/11) New Jersey Titans (W 67-6) Dallas/Ft. Worth Xtreme,  at Towanda, Pennsylvania

2012 GFL Ladies Bowl XXI
(9/23) Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 58-22) Düsseldorf Blades, at Frankfurt-Oder

2012 AFL Ladies Bowl XIII
(10/7) Vikings Ladies Vienna (W 55-0) Budapest Wolves, at Vienna

2012 FGLQ Summerbowl I (Queensland)
(11/2) Logan City Jets (W 38-20) Kenmore Panthers

2012 Lingerie Bowl Canada I (LFL)
(11/17) BC Angels (W 25-12) Saskatoon Sirens,  at Abbotsford, B.C.

2012 Pacific CupBorder War”  [LFL v. LFL Canada]
(12/15) Seattle Mist (W 38-18) BC Angels,  at Kent, Wash.

2013 WWCFL Championship
(6/15) Saskatoon Valkyries (W 27-13) Lethridge Steel,  at Regina, Saskatchewan

2013 WSFL 11-Woman Championship
(6/29) Memphis Dynasty (W 32-12) Arkansas Banshees,  at Memphis, Tennessee

2013 WSFL 8-Woman Championship
(6/29) West Virginia Wildfire (W 44-8) Binghamton Tiger Cats,  at Binghamton, N.Y.

2013 IFAF Women's World Championships 1st round
(7/1)  Team U.S.A. (W 84-0) Sweden  at Vantaa, Finland 

2013 IFAF Women's World Championships semifinal
(7/4)  Team U.S.A. (W 107-7) Germany  at Vantaa, Finland

2013 IFAF Women's World Championships Gold Medal Game
(7/6)  Team U.S.A. (W 64-0) Canada  at Vantaa, Finland

2013 IFAF Women's World Championships Bronze Medal Game
(7/6)  Finland (W 20-19) Germany  at Vantaa, Finland

2013 CIFAF Italy Rose Bowl I
(7/6)  Lobsters Pescara (W 26-25O.T.) Furie Cernusco sul Naviglio,  at Ferrara

2013 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(7/20) Moncton Vipers (W-L) Halifax Xplosion  at Saint John's, Newfoundland

2013 MWFL SupHer Bowl X
(7/20) Capital Area Gladiators (W 26-14) Saint John Storm  at Saint John's, Newfoundland

2013 IWFL Tier 3 Bowl
(8/2)  Carolina Queens (W 28-14) San Antonio Regulators,  at Round Rock, Texas

2013 IWFL Founders Bowl (Tier 2 Championship)
(8/2)  Montreal Blitz (W 55-8) Arlington Impact,  at Round Rock, Texas

2013 IWFL World Championship (Tier 1)
(8/3)  Carolina Phoenix (W 14-0) Houston Energy,  at Round Rock, Texas

2013 WFA All-American Game (National Championship)
(8/3)  Chicago Force (W 81-34) Dallas Diamonds,  at Balboa Stadium, San Diego, California

2013 LFL Legends Cup
(9/1)  Chicago Bliss (W 38-14) Philadelphia Passion,  at Las Vegas, Nevada

2013 GFL Ladies Bowl XXII
(9/21) Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 20-16) Crailsheim Hurricanes,  at Frankfurt (Oder)

2013 AFL Ladies Bowl XIV
(10/12) Vikings Ladies Vienna (W 50-0) Danube Dragons,  at Vienna

2013 LFL Canada Legends Cup
(11/16)  at Alberta [season canceled]

2013 FGLQ Summerbowl II (Queensland)
(11/30) Gold Coast Stingrays (W 12-8) Logan City Jets

2013 GV Women's Vic Bowl I (Victoria, Australia)
(11/30) Western Foxes (W 32-8) Northern Lady Raiders at Footscray

2013 Pacific Cup 2 [LFL v. LFL Canada]
(12/6)  Seattle Mist (W 27-25) Los Angeles Temptation,  at Kent, Wash.

2013 WGNSW Opal Bowl I
(12/14) North Western Phoenix (W-L) Newcastle Cobras

2014 International Bowl
(3/8)  Team Mexico (W 30-20) Austin Outlaws (WFA),  at Austin, Tex.

2014 AGL Women's Australian Gridiron League Grand Final
(5/3)  Queensland Sun Devils (W 14-8) ACT Monarchs,  at Queensland

2014 MWFL SupHer Bowl XI
(6/21) Saint John Storm (W 21-0) Capital Area Lady Gladiatorsm  at Oromocto

2014 CIFAF Italy Rose Bowl II
(7/5)  Fenici Ferrara (W 32-13) Neptines Bologna,  at Ferrara

2014 WWCFL Championship
(7/5)  Saskatoon Valkyries (W 53-0) Lethbridge Steel  at Saskatoon

2014 AFL Ladies Bowl XV
(7/20) Vikings Ladies Vienna (W 25-0) Danube Dragons,  at Vienna

2014 WFF Legacy Bowl
(7/25) Carolina Queens (W 28-22) Minnesota Vixen,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2014 W8FL 8-woman Championship
(7/26) Cape Fear Thunder (W 34-26) West Virginia Wildfire,  at Erie Veterans Stadium, Erie, Pa.

2014 WSFL 11-woman Championship
(7/26) Memphis Dynasty (W 34-12) Arkansas Banshees  at Erie Veterans Stadium, Erie, Pa.

2014 IWFL Founders Bowl
(7/25) Madison Blaze (W 31-14) Baltimore Nighthawks,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2014 IWFL World Championship Game
(7/26) Pittsburgh Passion (W 41-7) Houston Energy,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2014 WFA Alliance Bowl
(8/1)  Indy Crash (W 26-12) Seattle Majestics  at Lane Stadium, Chicago (n.) 

2014 WFA National Championship
(8/2)  Boston Militia (W 69-34) San Diego  Surge  at Lane Stadium,  Chicago

2014 Texas Ladies Football League Championship
(8/23) San Antonio Texas Legacy W-L Houston Lady Eagles

2014 LFL Legends Cup
(9/6)  Chicago Bliss (W 24-18) Atlanta Steam,  at Atlanta, Ga.

2014 ACT Territory Bowl
(??)   Central Spears (W 28-20) Diamonds

2014 GFL Ladies Bowl XXIII
(9/27) Mülheim Shamrocks (W 52-22) Berlin Kobras Ladies  at Crailsheim

2014 FGLQ Summerbowl III (Queensland)
(Nov.) Logan City Jets (W 6-0O.T.) Gold Coast Stingrays

2014 LGL Tri Nations Grand Final I
(12/5) New Zealand (W 24-14) U.S.A.  at Parkville, Victoria, Australia 

2014 WGNSW Opal Bowl II
(12/13) UTS Gators (W 42-26) Newcastle Cobras

2014 GV Women's Vic Bowl II (Victoria, Australia)
(12/14) Western Foxes (W 42-34) Northern Lady Raiders at Endeavour Hills

2015 International Bowl (game 1)
(3/6)  Seattle Majestics (WFA) (W 40-8) Mexico All-Stars,  at Seattle, Wash.

2015 International Bowl (game 2)
(3/8)  Mexican All-Stars (W 64-8) Tacoma Trauma,  at Tacoma, Wash.

2015 LGL Tri-Nations Tournament Final
(4/13) Team New Zealand (W 24-14) Team USA,  at Melbourne, Australia

2015 WXFL Championship Game
(5/31) Oklahoma City Lady Force (W 20-0) Ponca City Lady Bulldogs

2015 NMAFL-W Championship Game
(6/6) Santa Fe Dukes (W 12-6) Amarillo Lady Punishers

2015 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(6/27) Halifax Xplosion (W 27-20) Moncton Vipers  at Halifax, N.S.

2015 MWFL SupHER Bowl XII
(6/27) Saint John Storm (W 28-11) Capital Area Lady Gladiators  at Halifax, N.S.

2015 CIFAF Italy Rose Bowl III
(7/4)  One Team Verona (W 43-6) Neptunes Bologna,  at Milan

2015 WWCFL Championship Game
(7/4)  Regina Riot (W 53-6) Edmonton Storm  at Winnipeg

2015 WFA Alliance Bowl (Regional Alliance Bowl)
(7/11) Houston Power (W 18-6) Acadiana Zydeco,  at Houston, Tex.

2015 WSFL Freedom Bowl
(7/11) Cincinnati Sizzle (W 26-20) West Virginia Wildfire

2015 IWFL Affiliate Bowl
(7/24) Detroit Pride (W 24-22) San Antonio Regulators,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2015 IWFL Founders Bowl
(7/24) Carolina Phoenix (W 32-9) Madison Blaze,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2015 IWFL World Championship
(7/25) Pittsburgh Passion (W 41-37) Utah Falconz,  at Rock Hill, S.C.

2015 IFAF Europe Women's Championship
Gold Medal Game
(8/8)  Team Finland (W 50-12) Team Great Britain,  at Maracena, Granada, Spain
Bronze Medal Game
(8/8)  Team Germany (W 26-7) Team Austria,  at Maracena, Granada, Spain

2015 WFA Championship
(8/8)  DC Divas (W 30-26) Dallas Elite,  at Southwest College, Los Angeles, Cal.

2015 W8FL 8-woman Championship
(8/11) New York Knockout (W 28-0) Cape Fear Thunder,  at Schenectady, New York

2015 WSFL 11-woman National Tackle Football Championship
(8/11) Keystone Assault (W 9-7) Tennessee Legacy,  at Hummelstown, Pa.

2015 UWF Bowl Ultimate Women's Football championship
(8/15) San Antonio Texas Legacy (W 74-38) Rio Grande Valley Cheetahs,  at San Antonio

2015 LFL Legends Cup
(9/6) Seattle Mist (W 27-21) Chicago Bliss,  at Kent, Wash.

2015 GFL Ladies Bowl
(9/26) Berlin Kobras Ladies (W 48-12) Mülheim Shamrocks,  at Berlin

2015 AFL Ladies Bowl XVI
(10/31) Vienna Vikings Ladies (W 26-14) Danube Dragons,  at Vienna

2015 GV Women's Vic Bowl III (Victoria, Australia)
(10/31) Geelong Buccaneers (W 20-12) Northern Lady Raiders at Melton

2015 CFAL Czech Rose Bowl I
(11/7)  Prague Black Cats (W 24-14) Brno Amazons

2015 FGLQ Summerbowl IV (Queensland)
(11/28) Gold Coast Stingrays (W 20-8) Bayside Ravens

2015 WGNSW Opal Bowl III
(12/19) UNSW Raiders (W 40-16) UTS Gators

2016 LGL Grand Final I
(2/27)  West Coast Angels (W 36-28) Adelaide Phoenix  at Mazda Stadium, Richmond, South Australia

2016 GV Women's Vic Bowl IV (Victoria, Australia)
(4/30) Geelong Buccaneers (W 38-24) Melbourne University Chargers at Pakenham

2016 WXFL Championship Game
(5/7) Oklahoma Lady Force (W 13-6) Kansas Lady Cougars,  at Norman, Okla.

2016 Women's AGL Grand Final II
(5/13) Queensland Sundevils (W 49-6) New South Wales Coyotes

2016 GWTFL Championship Game
(5/28) Team Legacy (W 30-7) Steel Blazers

2016 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(6/25) Halifax Xplosion (W 19-16) Moncton Vipers,  at Moncton

2016 MWFL SupHER Bowl
(6/25) Saint John Storm (W 27-0) Fredericton Gladiators,  at Moncton

2016 NMAFL-W Championship Game
(6/25) Roswell Destroyers (W 14-6O.T.) Colorado Springs Voodoo,  at Farmington, N.M.

2016 WWCFL Championship Game
(6/25) Saskatoon Valkyries (W 81-6) Edmonton Storm,  at Lethbridge, Alberta

2016 CIFAF Italy Rose Bowl IV
(7/8) One Team Milan (W 19-18) Neptunes Bologna,  at Cesena

2016 WFA Division II Championship Game
(7/22) St. Louis Slam (W 38-7) Tampa Bay Inferno,  at Pittsburgh, Penn.

2016 WFA Division III Championship Game
(7/22) Acadiana Zydeco (W 20-18) Richmond Black Widows,  at Pittsburgh, Penn.

2016 IWFL Affiliate Bowl
(7/23) Maine Mayhem (W 48-0) Knoxville Lightning,  at Charlotte, N.C.

2016 IWFL Founders Bowl
(7/23) Carolina Phoenix (W 20-12) Carson Bobcats,  at Charlotte, N.C.

2016 IWFL World Championship
(7/23) Utah Falconz (W 49-6) Minnesota Vixen,  at Charlotte, N.C.

2016 Soup Bowl [USWFL v. WXFL]
(7/23) Southern Indiana Storm at Kansas City Storm (WXFL),  at Southeast High NO GAME?

2016 WFA Division I Championship Game
(7/23) D.C. Divas (W 28-26) Dallas Elite,  at Pittsburgh, Penn.

2016 USWFL Championship Game
(7/30) Cincinnati Sizzle (W 30-6) New England Nightmare,  at Memphis, Tenn.

2016 Canadian Women's National Championship,  at Mosaic Stadium, Regina, Alberta
Gold Medal Game:
(7/31) Saskatchewan (W 34-22) Quebec
Bronze Medal Game:
(7/31) Alberta (W 30-12) New Brunswick

2016 CFAL Czech Rose Bowl II
(10/30) Brno Amazons (W 26-12) Prague Black Cats at Mestsky Stadium, Celakovice

2016 FGLQ (Queensland) Summerbowl V
(11/26) Gold Coast Stingrays (W 54-22) Logan City Jets

2016 WGNSW Opal Bowl IV
(12/3)  UNSW Raiders (W 40-6) Northwestern Phoenix

2017 GV Women's Vic Bowl V
(5/13)  Croydon Rangers (W 12-7) Melbourne University Chargers  at Croydon Ranger Park

2017 WXFL Championship Game
(6/3)  Oklahoma Lady Force (W 37-0) Enid Lady Enforcers at D. Bruce Selby Stadium, Enid, Oklahoma

2017 WWCFL Championship Game
(6/10) Regina Riot (W 53-0) Calgary Rage at Saskatoon Minor Football Field, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

2017 GWTFL Latte Stone Bowl - Championship Game
(6/12) Team Legacy (W 34-8) Island Stunnerz

2017 IFAF Women's World Championships 1st round 
(6/24) Team U.S.A. (W 29-0) Mexico at McLeod Stadium, Langley, British Columbia, Canada

2017 MWFL Friendship Bowl
(6/24) Halifax Xplosion (W 8-0) Moncton Vipers

2017 MWFL SupHer Bowl XIV
(6/24) Saint John Storm (W 7-6) Capital Area Lady Gladiators

2017 IFAF Women's World Championships Semi-Final
(6/27) Team U.S.A. (W 48-0) Finland at Langley, British Columbia, Canada

2017 IFAF Women's World Championships Gold Medal Game
(6/30) Team U.S.A. (W 41-16) Canada at Langley, British Columbia, Canada

2017 IFAF Women's World Championships Bronze Medal Game
(6/30) Mexico (W 19-8) Great Britain Lions at Langley, British Columbia, Canada

2017 CIFAF Italy Rose Bowl V
(7/7)  One Team Verona (W 34-14) Underdogs Bologna at Stadio Romeo Menti, Vicenza

2017 IWFL Affiliate Bowl at Salt Lake City
(7/20) Canceled

2017 IWFL Founders Bowl (DII championship)
(7/21) Colorado Freeze (W 27-6) San Antonio Regulators at Salt Lake City

2017 WFA Division II Championship
(7/21) St. Louis Slam (W 42-15) Tampa Bay Inferno at Highmark Stadium, Pittsburgh

2017 WFA Division III Championship 
(7/21) Arkansas Wildcats (W 42-26) Orlando Anarchy at Highmark Stadium, Pittsburgh

2017 IWFL Championship Game
(7/22) Utah Falconz (W 35-18) Austin Yellow JAckets at Salt Lake City

2017 WFA Division I Championship
(7/22) Dallas Elite (W 31-21) Boston Renegades at Highmark Stadium, Pittsburgh

2017 USWFL Ironwoman Championship
(7/29) Tri-Cities Thunder (W 28-0) West Virginia Wildfire at Bristol, Tennesee

2017 USWFL Championship
(7/29) Washington Prodigy (W 44-0) Houston Wildcats at Bristol, Tennessee

2017 ACT Territory Bowl II
(9/23) Central Spears (W 36-0) Diamonds

2017 GFL Ladies Bowl XXVI
(9/24) Berlin Kobra Ladies (W 32-26) Mainz Golden Eagle Ladies

2017 Czech Rose Bowl III
(11/11) Brno Amazons (W 26-24) Prague Black Cats  at Rugby Bystro, Brno

2017 Battle of the Border I
(11/18) North Winnipeg Nomads (MGFA) (W 40-6) IGTFL All-Stars at Mooresville, Indiana

2017 AFL Ladies Bowl XVIII (Austria)
(11/26) Vienna Viking Ladies (W 27-0) Danube Dragons  at Vienna

2017 FGLQ (Queensland) Summerbowl VI
(12/2)  Bayside Ravens (W 50-20) Griffith University Thunder

2017 WGNSW Opal Bowl V
(12/15) UNSW Raiders (W 28-18) ACT Diamonds

2018 GV Women's Vic Bowl
(5/5)   Western Crusaders (W 12-0) Croydon Rangers at Ranger Field, Croydon

2018 MWFL SupHer Bowl
(6/23)  Fredericton Lady Gladiators (W 27-6) Halifax Xplosion at Fredericton

2018 WWCFL Championship Game
(6/24)  Regina Riot (W 14-10) Saskatoon Valkyries  at Mosaic Stadium, Regina

2018 USWFL IronWoman Championship Game
(7/14)  Hampton Roads Lady Gators (W 20-14) Tri-Cities Thunder at Bristol, Tennessee

2018 USWFL Championship Game
(7/14)  Washington Prodigy (W 20-0) North Florida Pumas at Bristol, Tennessee

2018 IWFL Founders Bowl
(7/21)  San Antonio Regulators (W 30-0) Tulsa Threat at Dumont Stadium, Galena Park (Houston), Texas

2018 IWFL Championship Game
(7/21)  Houston Energy (W 34-0) Nevada Storm at Dumont Stadium, Galena Park (Houston), Texas

2018 WFA Division II Championship Game
(7/27)  New York Sharks (W 27-21) Minnesota Vixens at Keenesaw State University Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

2018 WFA Division III Championship Game
(7/27)  Orlando Anarchy (W 46-0) Arkansas Wildcats at Keenesaw State University Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

2018 WFA Division I Championship Game
(7/28)  Boston Renegades (W 42-18) Los Angeles Warriors at Keenesaw State University Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

2018 Czech Rose Bowl
(11/4)  Brno Amazons (W 32-6) Prague Black Cats  at Rugby Bystro, Brno

2018 AFL Ladies Bowl XIX (Austria)
(11/17) Vienna Viking Ladies (W 31-16) Danube Dragons/Graz Giants Ladies  at Vienna
   ACT-  Women's Australian Capital Territories Gridiron
   AFL-  AFL Division Ladies: Austrian Football League
   AFLDL- Austrian Football League Division Ladies [AFL] From 2000.
   AFVD- American Football Verband Deutschland 
   AFWL- America Football Women's League. 2002 reformation of WAFL. Folded 2003
   AGL-  Australian Gridiron League
   AIF-  American Indoor Football League (Men's Indoor Football League) [AIFA 2006-10, AIF 2012-15]
   AISA- Alabama Independent School Association
   BAFL- Belgium American Football League
   CAMFA- Capital Area Minor Football Association (Girls tackle football, Fredericton & Oromocto, New Brunswick, 14-17 yrs.-old. From 2008)
   CCWFL- Central Canada Women's Football League. Began 2014
   CFAL- Czechoslovakia American Football League (CAAF) began 2015
   CIC-  Cook Inlet Conference (Women's flag football, Chugiak, Alaska)
   CIFAF- Campionato Italiano Football Americano Femminile
   CIFL- Continental Indoor Football League (Men's pro league)
   CVFL- Central Valley Football League (Men's Spring League, California)
   DoDDS- Department of Defense Dependents Schools (overseas school system)
   FGLQ- Female Gridiron League of Queensland. Begun in 2012.
   GFL-  German Football League Ladies (Bundesliga Frauenfootball) [Began play 1990]
   GPFL- Great Plains Football League. (Men's semi-pro league) [From 1995, had been Windom Football Lg., Minnesota league]
   GDFL-GCD- Gridiron Developmental League - Gulf Coast Division (Men's pro league) [From 2010]
   GV-    Gridiron Victoria (Australia). Begun 2013.
   GWTFL- Guam Women's Tackle Football League (6-women league & 8-woman league) [Began play 2012]
   IFAF- International Federation of American Football (Began women's play 2010)
   IGTFL- Indiana Girls Tackle Football League (High School & J.H.S.)
   IWFL- Independent Women's Football League. Began play 2002
   LAFL- Lady Arena Football League (8-woman indoors) [Began 2012]
   LFL-  Legends Footbal League. [Lingerie Football League renamed for 2013]
   LFL-  Lingerie Football League. Began play 2009 [7-on-7 indoor football league. Lingerie Bowl I through VI before league.]
   LFL Australia- Legends Football League from 2013.
   LFL Canada- Lingerie Football League from 2012, renamed Legends  Football League Canada 2013/
   LGL-  Ladies Gridiron League from 2014. Australian minor league. Major League 2015-16
   LTFA- Ladies Tackle Football Association
   MGFA- Manitoba Girls Football Association (Secondary School Seniors, & Juniors)
   MWFL- Maritime Women's Football League [From 2006, had been the NBWFL.]
   NBJGFL- New Brunswick Junior Girls Football League (High School age tackle football, New Brunswick. From 2010)
   NGFA- National Girl's Football Association. Begin play 2005. Affiliated with NWFA.
   NMAFL-W- New Mexico Adult Football League-Women's Division. Began 2015. Folded prior to 2017.
   NWFA- National Women's Football Association. Renaming of NWFL for 2003 season. Due to NFL lawsuit.
   NWFL- National Women's Football League. Began September 1974. Was WPFA. Folded 1980s [1982-1988 regional midwest lg.]
   NWFL- National Women's Football League. Began play 2001, name changed to NWFA for 2003
   QFL-  Queensland Football League
   USWFL- United States Women's Football League. Renamed from WSFL in 2016.
   UWFL- United Women's Football League
   W8FL- Women's Eights Football League. Split from and affiliated with the WSFL, in 2014.
   WAFC- Women's Affiliated Football Council. Mar.-Dec. 2002. Some went to IWFL Spring 2003.
   WAFL- Women's American Football League. 2001, teams join AFWL in 2002.
   WFA-  Women's Football Association. Formed 2002, folded 2003
   WFA-  Women's Football Alliance. Began play 2009.
   WFF-  Women's Football Foundation.  Began 2014.
   WFL-  Women's Football League. Began play 2002. To 2007
   WGNSW- Women's Gridiron New South Wales (Australia). Began 2013
   WPFL- Women's Professional Football League. 1965 to 1973. Reformed as NWFL
   WPFL- Women's Professional Football League. Began play 1999. Suspended operations for restructuring 2008.
   WSFL- Women's Spring Football League (Begins 2010 to 2015) Renamed United States Women's Football League (USWFL) in 2016.
   WTFA- Women's Tackle Football Association. Formed 1988, midwestern lg. headquarted at Grand Rapids.
   WWCFL- Western Women's Canadian Football League. Began play 2011.
   WXFL- Women's Xtreme Football League. Began play 2015.
Article from The Galveston Daily News, November 1, 1933. Titled: Thirty-Three 'Sweet Young Things' Report For Girls' Grid Team/Hartshorne, Ok., Nov. 2,--AP--Thirty-three 'sweet young things' have turned out on first call for tryouts on Hartshorne's girls' football squad, one of the few in the Southwest. Redford Stack is coach./But other towns in this mountain region like the idea and pretty 'Amazons' may form a circuit before it is over, Stack says. The first clash will come Nov. 10 at McAlester, between Hartshorne and Kiowa girls./Everything goes, in a girls' game, Black says, 'except the shoestring tackle.'

See this Women's Professional Football history page! Thumbnail of image at Women's Professional Football history page ( http://pattyinglishms.hubpages.com/hub/Womens-Professional-Football# ). Cover of The Flapper magazine, November 1922. Actress Billie Dove, as female football player, snapping the ball.

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