Caribbean Bowl logo (shield).
Caribbean Bowl
(2013 ª 2015)
X-Cite Sports International Classic
Logo: All Stars/Liga Premier/2014.

Caribbean Bowl
Caribbean Bowl I  2013  AAFE USA Patriots (W 68-6) Costa Rica Bulldogs  
X-Cite Sports International Classic
Caribbean Bowl II  2014  Liga Premier (CR) Stars (W 13-6) AAFE USA Patriots  at Jaco Beach (5/3)
Caribbean Bowl
Caribbean Bowl III 2015  AAFE USA Patriots (W 72-0) Costa Rica Bulldogs  at Jaco Beach (5/2)
Caribbean Bowl IV 2017  USA Patriots (W 24-13) Costa Rica Bulldogs  at Jaco Beach (6/3)

Liga Premier Futbol American - Div. I.

   The USA Patriots are a semi-pro team.
AAFE•All-American Football Events logo.

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Also see the Tropic Bowl (Costa Rican National team invitational.)

Also see the Central America Bowl
For a different (and amateur) Caribbean Bowl, in Cancun, Mexico, see this page

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