Fort H.G. Wright Football
(Fishers Island, New York)


Fort H.G. Wright

11/26  W 37-0       Fort Greble

11/28   ?           Fort Trumbull 

11/10  W 11-0       New London Independents  (H) 

11/6   canceled  at Connecticut State Aggies [Due to popular state egg laying contest] 

       W-L       at Cedars (New London)    
11/10  W 20-0    at New London Independentd  at Robinson's Lot in Blydenburg Ave.
9/30   W 13-0       Fort Terry  (H)
11/1   L         at Fort Adams
11/27   ?        at Bulkeley Independents  at Plant Field 
10/10  W 19-0       Connecticut State Aggies 
10/21  W 16-6       Fort Adams  at New London (H)
10/30  L  0-13   at Fort Greble  at Dutch Island
11/15   ?        at Washington Glees  at Savin Rock, New Haven
11/21  L  0-15      Fort Terry  at Plant Field

11/7   L  0-87   at Washington Glees  at Savin Rick, New Haven 

       L  0-21      Fordham 
       L  7-10      Fordham
10/24   ?           Fort Terry
       L  0-7       Fordham 
       W 14-10      Fordham 
       L  0-14      Fordham 
       L 14-28      Fordham
9/21   canceled     All-New Britain 
9/21   W 12-0       New London Submarine Base
1934 (11th Coast Artillery)
   ?                Hull' Brewers Steam Rollers (Providence) 
10/21      ?        Fort Adams  at New London
10/21      ?        Hartford Rangers
       T  0-0       190th Co., CCC (New London)
1935  (11th Coast Artillery)
11/17   ?           190th Co., CCC (New London) 
11/28   ?           190th Co., CCC (New London) [v different battery, Ft. Wright]

   Fort Wright Inter-Battery League
10/7                Battery A (W 10-6) Battery C 
11/4                Battery C (W 12-6) Battery B
11/11               Battery C v. Headquarters Battery

1940 (242nd Coast Artillery)
10/27   ?           New London Electric Boat Diesel  at Mercer Field 

1942 (242nd Coast Artillery)
10/20   L-W         Stratford Rams 
  Fort H.G. Wright was named for MG Horatio G. Wright,, a Union volunteer in the Civil War and an U.S. Army engineer, 1879-1884.
  Headquarters of Harbor Defenses of Long Island Sound from 1913.
  Part of a coastal defense that included 3 other installations, Fort Terry on Plum Island off of the North Fork of Long Island, Fort Michie on Great Gull Island in the Long Island Sound between Fishers Island and the North Fork, and Camp Hero at Montauk Point.
  Part of the 11th Coast Artillery Regiment from November 1924.
  No shots were ever fired from the batteries at these installations.
  Called Munnawtawkit by the Pequot, Fishers Island is two miles south of Connecticut and 11 miles north of Long Island.
  John Winthrop, the son of the founder of Boston, and his descendents, owned the island (originally Visher's Island) from 1640 to 1863.
  Brickmaking was the only industry on Fishers Island through most of the 19th century.
  Today the only ferry to the island is from New London.

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