Fort Michie Football
(Great Gull Island, New York)


Fort Michie

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  Fort Michie was a military installation, from 1897, on Great Gull Island, off of the North Fork, Long Island in Long Island Sound, New York. Closed in 1949.
  Named for 1st Lieutenant Dennis Michie, who was killed at San Juan Hill during the Spanish-American War. Michie brought football to West Point. The football stadium, now over 100 years old, was named for him.
  Part of a coastal defense protecting the entrance to the Long Island Sound that included 3 other installations, Fort H.G. Wright on Fishers Island between Long Island and Connecticut, Fort Terry on Plum Island off Orient Point, and Camp Hero at Montauk Point.
  Part of the 11th Coast Artillery Regiment from November 1924.
  Great Gull Island, nesting area on the Atlantic Flyway was a home to many nesting terns until the millenary trade and the fort's construction killed many of them at the end of the 19th century
  The island was sold to American Museum of Natural History, for one dollar, on March 31, 1949
  The Great Gull Island Project began, to restore the island for migratory birds. Today it has the largest colonies in the world of two species of terns, home to 10,000 common terns and 1,000 mating pairs of the Roseate Tern.

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