Fort Terry Football
(Plum Island, New York)


Fort Terry

10/8    ?       at All-Waterbury, on the Rye Lots

10/31  W  6-0      Fort Michie

9/30   L  0-13  at Fort H.G. Wright

11/21  W 15-0      Fort H.G. Wright, at Plant Field

10/10   ?       at New Haven team

10/24   ?          Fort H.G. Wright
11/29   ?          Camp Devins  at Stamford

12/6   W  7-0      Camp Edwards (Mass.)
  Fort Terry was a military installation, from 1897, on Plum Island, off of Orient Point on the North Fork of Long Island, New York. It closed as a military base circa 1948.
  The grounds also had a functional 36" gauge railroad built in 1914. The Porter locomotive was used to haul munitions from bunkers to the 11 artillery batteries.
  Part of a coastal defense that included 3 other installations, Fort H.G. Wright on Fishers Island between Long Island and Connecticut, Fort Michie on Great Gull Island also in Long Island Sound, and Camp Hero at Montauk Point.
  Part of the 11th Coast Artillery Regiment from November 1924.
  From 1952 to 1969, it was used for Biological Warfare research by the Army and by the U.S.D.A. (animal disease research from 1954). The Plum Island Animal Disease Center closed in 2005.

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