Independence Cup
(American Football game between Costa Rica and Panama)
Friendship Bowl
Logo for Costa Rica Seleccion Nacional Futbol Americano, the Costa Rican national American Football team.

Independence Cup
Independence Cup  2014  Costa Rica (W 32-26) Panama  at Cuty Monge Stadium, San José, Costa Rica (9/19)
Friendship Bowl
Friendship Bowl II  2016  Costa Rica (NTFL) (W 26-18) Panama  at Cancha Sintetica de Bugaba, Chiriqui, Panama (7/23)
 • The 2014 four-day, multi-country, Central America Bowl tournament was cancelled after El Salvador, Guatamala and Nicaragua had to withdraw.
 • The game was replaced with the Independence Cup game between Costa Rica and Panama.

Asociacion de Futbol Americano de Panama logo.

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Also see the Tropic Bowl  (Costa Rican National team invitational.)
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